Bonding Over Beauty: Helping Tweens and Teens Navigate Beauty and Self Esteem

Bonding Over Beauty: Helping Tweens and Teens Navigate Beauty and Self Esteem, book review
I've been checking out a book that I've decided is a must buy for the parent of any girl. Bonding Over Beauty was written by Erika Katz, a former model with experience working at Seventeen. The book is great for everyone, from the most girly of moms trying to connect with their daughters, to single dads trying to deal with a growing girl.

The book is divided into different sections such as unwanted hair, hair and nails, makeup and brows. Included in each section are great tips such as guidelines for deciding that your daughter is ready for a certain step, suggested ground rules for using different items and straight forward explanations for when, how and why to use certain products. The discussion about different topics is fantastic and takes into account development and entering puberty. For example, the discussion about allowing your daughter to start shaving mentions what other kids are doing at school, how much (and what color) your daughter's hair is and then even how you know if she's old enough to start using the razor. At the end of each chapter are great ideas for bonding activities such as going out for manicures together or making your own facial scrubs.

While the bonding activities are great, the real meat of the book is in the discussions of beauty and hygiene issues faced by teens and tweens. Fitting in with the crowd is a large part of self confidence at this critical stage, but keeping things appropriate for age and development is also important. Check out this book if your daughter is nearing tween-dom soon!

Bonding Over Beauty


  1. Aww cute! If I had a younger sister I would totally buy this book for her! :)

  2. That book sounds really cool, thank you for posting about it! Although I have no kids yet, I feel like that what the book addresses is vitally important. Beauty can really be more about confidence than anything else, and those years can be critical. This is the first time I’ve seen your site, and so far the content is really helpful, so thank you!

  3. oh this looks good! Wish my tomboy mom had something like this while I was growing up.

  4. Wow, what a wonderful idea! I think my dad, with his 3 daughters, could have seriously benefited from this book :-)


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