Aveeno Hydrosport Review: My Sunscreen Pick of the Summer

Aveeno Hydrosport Review: My Sunscreen Pick of the Summer, broad spectrum
I recently shared what I want in an ideal sunscreen. I’ve been trying out a few sunscreens for feature this summer, but this Aveeno one has really become pretty much the perfect sunscreen. So, I’m just going to say it, this is my favorite sunscreen this summer and if you’re looking for one to buy just get this one. And if you’re looking for a physical sunscreen, I’ll be reviewing a great physical sunscreen in a few days.

The Hydrosport collection is water resistant, provides broad spectrum coverage and is incredibly lightweight. I prefer the lotion formulation, which comes as SPF 85 only. It is a thick, white creamy consistency and has a faint sunscreen scent. It absorbs into my skin quickly and I can not feel it on my skin, obviously unusual for such a high SPF coverage product.



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  1. July 13, 2011 / 6:08 am

    I just tried the similar one by Neutrogena "Wet Skin for kids" and LOVED that for the little ones at the pool/beach. It really did stick to them and protect when they were wet. Plus had a great coupon for it!

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