Trying Out a New Comment System....

You've probably noticed that I have to approve all comments on 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. I find this highly annoying, but the spam filter on Blogger doesn't catch most of the 10-20 spam comments (mostly about buying fake prescription drugs or purses) that the site gets each day. I really don't want to let those go through, so I have to moderate. Drives me batty. Also, I wish I could just hit reply on different comments, there was a way to show someone's URL if they have their own site, etc.

After hearing from other beauty bloggers how much they like Intense Debate and CommentLuv, I've installed both this morning. I have NO CLUE how they work, if we'll need to sign up for new accounts somewhere, etc. I did set it up to only work on new posts, so all the old ones will still be the same. Let me know if this is good, bad, you are indifferent, etc. Obviously I can always just go back to moderating comments.

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I love comments! Please ask away, provide info on how you liked something, etc. Note that spam, comments with random links (which I count as spam), anything not in english (again, spam) and comments that are completely unrelated to anything will all be deleted.

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