Tattoed by Inky Body Sprays

Tattoed by Inky Body Sprays, Review
Remember back in the 80’s when the spray cans of Designer Imposter Perfumes were everywhere? This is not an updated version of that. Instead of badly imitating a different fragrance, these have their own scent and really I think they smell pretty good. So, don’t let the reasonable price and aluminum container throw you.

There are 5 scents in the collection, 2 for women, 2 for men and 1 unisex.
• A Mi Amor: White florals, vanilla and amber
• Sudden Freedom: Aquatic florals, pink jasmine and rosewood

• Monkey Business : Leather, lavender, pepper and sandalwood;
• Drako: Spices, musk and precious woods

• Koi: Citrus, ginger and patchouli

When you first spray any of these scents, do not pay any attention to how you initially smell. The initial scent is very heavy in alcohol. My initial reaction was “ewww…. gross.” But, after about a 10 minute dry down, the alcohol smell will be gone. What is left behind varies depending on the notes in the fragrance, but generally is a slightly subtle scent that seems to last all day long.

My favorites are Sudden Freedom and Koi. Sudden Freedom is an unexpectedly somewhat sophisticated floral scent (for something that was in an aluminum spray bottle). I didn’t feel too “grandma” in it, instead it is pretty and would be appropriate for almost any occasion. Koi is a little bit fresh but the patchouli makes it more mysterious…I really can’t describe it any better.

Tattoed by Inky Body Sprays are only $5.99 at Target.


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