Patriotic PocketBacs

Forth of July PocketBacs,
Hand washing is pretty universal in my work environment. I wash before and after seeing patients, randomly in between, pretty much any time I'm walking out the unit.... You get the picture. There's a lot of hand washing, so my hands can get very dry. Luckily, in the last 3-4 years anti-bacterial gels and foams have become much more popular in the hospital environment. In fact, it is often encouraged over washing with water and soap in certain situations. While the hospital does have little foam dispensers mounted throughout my ICU, I usually prefer to use the gel I carry in my pocket. What's in my pocket? This stuff.

I love the PocketBacs for a few reasons. Yes, they're cheap and the size is perfect for my white coat pocket. But it's as effective as they stuff stocked by the hospital (both have 68% alcohol as the active ingredient), but doesn't leave a thick gooey layer of... something behind on my skin. That hospital foam can make my ezcema flare up (not a pretty site on your doctor's hands), but the PocketBac is just fine. And the PocketBac even seems to be a little bit hydrating due to the Tahitian Palm Milk in the formula.

PocketBacs are frequently released in festive designs with new scents, so it can be fun to keep up with the latest designs. My favorite scent from the new patriotic collection is the clear s'mores scent. Yes, it does smell mostly like alcohol, it really can't be helped given how much is in there to make this stuff work, but the s'mores scent is there! It goes away within a few minutes.

Bath & Body Works PocketBacs

While I received samples of these scents, I have purchased PocketBacs many times in the past.

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