The New Hotness: BIC's Simply Soleil Razor

Now that summer is here, and the temps in Michigan are finally consistently over 70 degrees. I am wearing skirts and dresses and I'm plotting ways to make my husband head to the mall with me so I can try on a few new pairs of shorts. I have a feeling that this won't be hard to achieve, he's pretty happy that I'm no longer bundled from head to toe!

Along with my newly exposed skin I am suddenly very fixated on hair removal. I like to be smooth every day, so I definitely have ideas about what products I'll use to achieve this. Bic asked me to try out their new Simply Soleil razors, read on to see what I thought.

I really can only think of this scene from MIB 2. I apologize for the super poor quality video, but it's the only one I could find and I really felt I needed this in my post!

So, here is the corollary for women's shaving products:

Just looking at the image of that Bic disposable razor package makes me cringe. I know people buy them. But I will pick one up only when there aren't other options. You use one at the gym or maybe buy one from the corner drugstore if you didn't pack your razor while traveling. They are hard to hold, the head doesn't swivel and that single blade is really just asking for nicks all over the place while not really removing hair. I just don't have the patience to use them properly. Yes, the old ones work, but I am not a fan.

The people over at Bic have just released the Simply Soleil to redeem themselves. Old and busted, new hotness. This is about a million times better than the previous Bic disposable.

The new razor has 3 blades rather than 1, a fixed head (this is the only bad thing about the razor actually), a thin Vitamin E lubricating strip and a new easier to hold handle. Without a pivoting head like other razors (I'm usually a Gillette Venus Embrace girl), it is easy to nick yourself. To overcome this, I simply slowed down in my shaving as I'm usually way too speedy, and I held the razor a little more loosely in my grip. This allowed the entire razor to move more easily around curves and bumps on my legs and I have yet to nick myself with the Soleil.

The shave I got with the Soleil was definitely close and every bit as smooth as my usual shave with my normal Venus razor. I do think it may have actually been a tad closer than the shave that I'm used to a my legs feel a little sensitive after using the razor, as if I've exfoliated. I would definitely use the Soleil again, even when there are other options. This is absolutely perfect for travel, I'm a big fan of using items that I can throw away at the end of my trip.

Bic Shavers


Apriltini said...

I'm confused. How does this differ from the existing Soleil triple blade razors? Or is it just new packaging?

Jaime Leah said...

Love it! The Old and Busted don't work for me but I have a feeling the New Hotness wouldn't either. My legs are so sensitive that trying anything new on them is a nightmare, I'd rather spend the cash to get a "real" razor.

Christine said...

Apriltini- I haven't used a Soleil before, so I'm not really sure. Looking at the website, it looks like this is the Miss Soleil, renamed and available in North America? I think it might be mostly the handle that makes it a bit different from some of the other models.

Jaime- I know what you mean! I'm usually super sensitive about that too. I won't be stocking up on these for every day, but for every now and then... I can definitely use these.

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