July 4th with Essie

I created my July 4th mani with a few of my favorite Essie polishes.

This is an amazing red. I think it is a true red, without leaning too far to either the cool or warm side. So, it should work really well for most skin tones. It is highly pigmented and I could *almost* get away with just 1 coat!

This has always been my go-to color for at home french manicures. It is more ivory than white, so perfect for avoiding the “I’m in 3rd grade and just painted my nails with White-Out” look. While it can streak like most whites, it does seem to be easier to manipulate than most whites. It took 4 thin coats to reach opaque, but it comes across as the “just right white” that I was looking for.

Aruba Blue
A mid-tone blue with a little bit of same color shimmer, this took only 2 coats to opaque



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  1. July 7, 2011 / 11:22 pm

    Aruba Blue is simply amazing. It's metallic which is surprisingly hard to find in nail polish. Easily my favorite dark blue shade it blows OPI Russian Navy out of the water.

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