Fusion Beauty's Prime Results: The Tinted Moisturizer I'm Using Every Day

fusion beauty prime results tinted moisturizer spf 15
Every spring I start talking about "lightening up" on makeup for the hot and humid summer months. Who wants to wear heavy foundation in mid July? But, the reality is that I haven't really found a tinted moisturizer to love. While there are a few that I've been willing to recommend as "decent" tinted moisturizers (such as the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Philosophy Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer or Tarte Smooth Operator), the truth is that I haven't been using them myself. The products are all nice, but they just haven't been quite right for me. They're a little too much moisture for my combination skin, don't work well with a SPF product or they aren't enough coverage over my melasma or freckles. Something is always slightly off, inducing me to reach for a light weight foundation instead (Neutrogena Healthy Skin is my fave).

Well, I've finally found a tinted moisturizer with just enough coverage to cover up enough of my skin issues, allow my skin to shine through and it even has some of the bonus items that I love in moisturizer. Such as a little UV coverage and some ingredients to help fight aging.

Prime Results includes a built in primer, so during application it feels a bit different from other tinted moisturizers. It feels like lightweight silicone based product, but a bit airier in feeling that most silicone primers that I've tried in the past (really, I'm thinking of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer). It feels smooth during application, and you can feel it sinking into your skin pretty much right away. I literally smear this around for about 10 seconds with my fingers, hit any problem areas with a cosmetic sponge to blend them a little better (usually around my nose) and I'm done.

The moisturizer provides a little more coverage than most tinted moisturizers, but it isn't obvious at all. It looks like my skin is just... better. It covers my little residual bits of melasma from being pregnant, a couple of stray freckles and it still doesn't look like I have anything on. Love it!

Fusion Beauty


  1. I've seen other bloggers who love this as well. I'm glad to see they make a color pale enough for us extra fair girls, a rarity in my experience.

  2. So I am using the MAC tinted moisturizer right now and like how it evens out my tone; however, I still need my heavy foundation on top. How do these two compare? Is it more of a full coverage?

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I have looked at other reviews on this tinted moisturizer and they all rave about it. I just ordered mine off of ebay for about $20.

  4. oooh wow! I definitely wanna try this product. I've always had a lot of trouble choosing tinted moisturizers... thanks for this post. I'll definitely try this product out.

  5. I have really been on the hunt for the perfect tinted moisturizer for my oily skin, I will definitely try this one out. if all goes well i will post a review on my blog too, thanks :)

  6. Sounds good. It's important to have light but good coverage when the weather is warm. Otherwise, you sort of feel like your face is runny.

  7. Jaime- I agree! Most of the moisturizers out there don't come in a tint light enough for me. This one works though!

    Ellery- This is a little more coverage but I'm not sure I'd even call it medium. You might check out the Neutrogena foundation I mentioned in the post, it's heavier than this but not quite medium yet, I've been breaking that out for days that I think Prime Results won't be quite enough.

    And, I'm cracking up now at Aleya- I definitely feel like my face is runny sometimes if I'm too sweaty!


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