Damaged Hair: John Frieda to the Rescue? Full Repair Review

John Frieda Full Repair Review
Damage control is definitely a hot area in hair care right now. Unfortunately, that usually means products that are overly hydrating, resulting in flat and greasy hair. This is particularly true in the mass market price range. If I see “damage” anywhere on the packaging (or “heat protecting”) in my mind that equals “greasy hair”.

Fortunately, John Frieda has a damage control line that won’t weigh down your hair. The line features Inca Inchi Oil, from teh Sacha Inchi plant. This oil was used by Incan women and is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. True, hair is really just dead proteins, but somehow the oil and moisture does seem to make a difference. The line includes Shampoo & Conditioner, a few serums to help with damage, a root lift foam and a mascara-wand with fly away tamer. You can watch a how to use them all on the John Frieda Website.

So, does this line deliver weightless moisture to help improve your hair’s damage? It didn’t weigh down my hair and it certainly did seem like my hair looked healthier. It was shinier, easy to style and my fly aways were tamed. The shampoo & conditioner do have a stronger perfume scent than I typically like, though the scent was gone once my hair had been dried. I used the Perfect Ends Sheer Mist as well, and I noticed that this did weigh down my hair a little if I applied it near my roots. When applied to the ends of my hair I still had great volume and my hair was smoother. I think my favorite product of the line is the Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer. It looks like a big mascara wand, and when I run it over the little hairs that are “flying away” on the top of my head and smooth them down…. amazing! They actually stay down and I can’t see or feel that I’ve put anything on my hair. Love it!

John Frieda is also hosting a Damage Control: Live Webcast with International Creative Consultant, Harry Josh on the John Frieda Facebook Page. You can sign up starting today.

Date: Wednesday, June 8th
Time: 6pm – 6:30pm EST

Each participant who signs up will be asked to submit a question for Harry Josh and in return will receive one full-size product from the Full Repair collection: Those with fine hair will receive a Perfect Ends Sheer Mist and participants with thick hair will receive a Perfect Ends Deep Infusion. Harry will answer all submitted questions during the half hour live webcast and will provide a special code that participants can use to enter to win the grand prize – a trip to New York and a haircut/style with Harry!

John Frieda Full Repair


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  1. June 1, 2011 / 4:40 pm

    I'm most interested in the Flyaway Tamer! Not usually a John Freida fan, but loving the idea of the big mascara wand. Like your hair, usually smoothing products just weigh down my hair!

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