The Best Smelling Shampoo Ever: Privé Concept Vert

When I lived in So Cal, I had a Meyer Lemon Tree in my backyard. Meyer lemons are not regular lemons. They are tres Martha, a fancy lemon. The difference is that they aren’t quite as tangy, instead they are slightly sweeter and deeper in flavor with a tad bit of an herbal note. Yes, I just wrote note when discussing a lemon flavor.

Why is this important? Because I swear that this shampoo and conditioner smell exactly like the lemons from that tree. So yes, tons of nostalgia, but mmmm….. so yummy in the shower!

The interesting thing about this duo (other than the sumer yummy meyer lemon scent) is that they come in pressurized cans, almost like moose. And yes, it’s eco friendly! The can is powered by air and is designed to be refillable (Privé has info on how to reuse the cans on their website). Each can gives the same amount of useable product as a bottle twice the size. Since weight is saved on the container size, the product also saves fuel and emissions.

What comes out of the container initially isn’t too terribly different from normal shampoo and conditioner, though they do feel a bit more dense. When you rub your hands together they foam up quite a bit and are much lighter and more airy. I recommend getting the foam up first before applying to your hair, the product will distribute more evenly. After that, other than the amazing scent, things aren’t too different from normal products.

I also tried out the Volumizing Froth. This product comes in a 3 ounce squeeze bottle, and while it looks like a styling milk in your hand initially, after about 30 seconds you’ll notice bubbles appearing. Rub it in your hands and again you’ll have a light foam, though you can see it is definitely thinner than the shampoo and conditioner and with less “oomph”. I didn’t notice the scent as much of this product. It has light hold and some shine associated with it, perfect for the days I decide to let my hair air dry to slightly wavy. It doesn’t feel sticky or weigh down my hair.



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