Comodynes: Easy Peeling and Self Tanner in a Wipe!

Comodynes is really known for their sunless tanner and wipes. They are quick, easy and pretty foolproof. Which makes them perfect for those of us pressed for time.

Read on to see what Ellery thought when she gave Comodyne's Self Tanning Wipes and Easy Peeling Wipes a try!

I truly must be living under a rock (or maybe it is the fact that I have 3 kids 4 and under), but this is the first time I have heard of Comodynes.  This company makes many different skin care products, but I feel they are most well-known for their wipes.

I was able to test their Easy Peeling wipe and their Self-Tanner.  I used the peeling wipe before I tried the self tanner, as suggested.  I really liked the size of the wipe and felt that it was large enough to cover all of my face.  The peeling wipe was not what I expected.  It had a very faint pleasant smell and was extremely exfoliating.  I would consider it more of a dermabrasion-type treatment, rather than a "peel."  If you have very sensitive skin you may want to stay away from this one, or apply it by rubbing very gently.  After using this wipe I did notice that my clogged pores on my nose were clear, and my face had more of a glow to it.  I really liked that once applied I did not have to wash or wipe my face because the residue just dried on its own.

After using the Easy Peeling wipe, I tried the Self Tanner on my face.  The tanner can be applied anywhere on your body, though if you were to use it on your body you might need at least 6 wipes.  I decided to also do a test patch on my inner wrist so I could really see the results.  This self tanner is very different than others I have used because you DO NOT see visible results!  I was a little scared.  If I didn't see the results, then how could I know if I was applying it all over?  The company states that:
"They provide an even, safe and clean tan on face and body in just 3 hours, giving a natural, healthy skin tone. No side effects, no streaking."
"Their formula, with a moisturizing complex, eliminates the feeling of tightness and keeps the skin soft. Their perfume leaves no aroma on the skin."

I gave it a try at night, and in the morning I was very surprised by the results.  My face was noticeably tanner, yet looked VERY natural! The test strip on my inner wrist was a better indicator.  The tanned portion was at least 2 shades darker, yet seemed to blend in somewhat where it came in contact with the untanned portion.  Now three days later, my face is noticeably lighter yet still there.  It is more of a taupe brown and seems very natural.  I will definitely be using this tanner again on my face.

Today's post has been brought to us by my cousin Ellery from Mom's Life Made Easy. I've conned her into trying out all of the sunless tanners this year since I've embraced the pale. Ellery is a busy mommy of 3 little ones under the age of 5, but somehow manages to always look amazing!


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