Book to Check Out: Linda Mason’s Makeup for Ageless Beauty

I feel horrible because I’ve had this book sitting on my coffee table for over a month, just waiting to write about it. In the meantime it’s been checked out by my mom and mother in law, both agreed it was helpful.

Linda Mason is a very well known makeup artist, working for magazines like Vogue, Glamour and designers like Gaultier, Galliano and Armani. She’s worked with nearly every “major” model and her career has spanned over 3 decades. Now she’s written a book that fills the gap I’m asked about so often: flattering makeup for women over 40.

Honestly, I don’t think that the name is right for this book. Linda does an amazing job of showing you exactly how to apply makeup for certain features that you either want to emphasize or diminish. Eyes closely set? No problem, she has a chart showing you where to put eye shadows. Have sinking eyes or lines around your mouth? Here’s how you de-emphasize those as well.

I think my favorite part of this book is the diagrams. Rather than saying “put the darker shadow in the crease” she has a pic showing you exactly which part of the lid she means. Love it!

Linda Mason’s Makeup for Ageless Beauty on Amazon
Linda Mason


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