Arbonne Triple Action Mascara Review

Arbonne Triple Action Mascara, review
Arbonne has just released a new mascara that promises to pretty much be everything a girl could want in a single mascara product Length, curl and volume? Yes please!

I found that this mascara does take a while to get used to using. The brush has very densely packed bristles, and while that meant every little hair was able to be picked up, it also meant that sometimes it can be hard to transfer the mascara on to the lashes or to not have the ultimate Tammy Faye Baker-Spidery lashes. It took a few days to get used to it, but it seems to require a little bit more wiggle to the wand for the best results.

While this mascara promised triple action, I don’t think it delivered very well on the curl. My lashes were curled prior to application, and during that process somehow they seemed to come out a little bit straighter. I did however get great volume and some added length with this mascara. By the end of the day I still had my volume, most of the length but none of the curl left.

The day I took these pics I was having a horrible, horrible day with my allergies. There was some eye rubbing despite all of my efforts to not touch my eyes! Notice that even though this mascara isn’t waterproof, it stood up to any tearing and rubbing beautifully! Not a smudge or flake in sight.

Arbonne Triple Action Mascara


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