Zoya Roswell.... Coming Soon?

Zoya Roswell, Linear Holo, April Fool's Joke
I believe the folks over at Zoya must be secretly reading the Makeup Alley Nailboards in their spare time. The board's current group of residents is incredibly fond of super glitters and especially linear holo nail polishes. Which are unfortunately pretty hard to come by, given some difficulty obtaining pigments. The ladies will even order from abroad, anxiously awaiting packages of linear holo nail polishes that take weeks to months to arrive.

Today Zoya is coming out with their dream collection, 3 new linear holos!

Or, are they?

This joke definitely confused at least 1 girl on the nail board, who saw the picture above and then posted in their excitement. Reading on, it's obvious that Zoya has a sense of humor.

This collection promises chip free color for 23 years, the color will be beamed directly onto your nails, etc. Overall a great April Fool's day joke!
Zoya Roswell Collection


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  1. Wow. What a bummer. I would definitely buy all three of those polishes. Shame on you Zoya. I hope they really release a holo collection, I love them. I know how much the MUA ladies love them too.


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