Some things I'm Loving: NuMe Curling Wand and Finishing Serum

NuMe Curling Wand, review
Growing up, my hair was stick straight. I coveted curly hair. I would do anything to obtain it from sponge rollers to sleeping in braids and of course the time spent with curling irons. Now that I'm older, my hair has actually changed to wavy, though I'm still coveting actual curls. I've found that I can almost get curls with a little gel and some scrunching. My hair can then either air dry (which takes about 8 hours since it's so thick), or I can use a diffuser and get hair that is a little less curly and somewhat... 80's permtastic? So, I definitely need to add a few curls back in. Regular curling irons don't cut it, they always leave a little ridge in my hair.

So, I was really excited to try out this curling wand. It's just like a curling iron, but sans clamp. Simply turn it on and it's ready for use pretty much immediately (I don't know the actual time, but it seems like it is about 20 seconds or so. Really.) I grab a chunk of hair, wrap it around the wand and hold for a minute or so, then let go. It's pretty easy to change the overall effect I achieve by changing how much hair is in that chunk and how tightly I wind it around the wand. I can get a perfect curl or a loose wave with the same tool! I'm using a 13 mm wand, but it comes in several larger sizes, including a reverse taper.

The wand comes with a heat resistant glove to prevent hair curling related injuries, which is great since I'm a klutz and this thing is pretty hot. The iron itself seems very sturdy, with Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates and the whole negative ion thing (to help make your hair shinier, I'm a big fan of the ions). The cord spins around to help keep it from getting tangled, but even this part of the wand seemed to be very sturdy and more professional than most hair tools. There's no heat control, just a simple on-off switch.

I've been using the wand with NuMe's Finishing Serum, which I also love. The bottle is small (just 2 ounces), but a little goes a long way. It is a clear silicone serum, and is pretty much like every other silicone serum in feel, though once it is on my hair it does seem lighter and my hair isn't weighed down as much. I have just as much shine and it helps my hair from becoming a frizzy permtastic nightmare as well.



  1. Hey Christine! My hair has started to turn wavy too! Just in the past 6-8 months (and it is driving me a bit crazy, because most of my hair is still very straight). My hair has been stick-straight my whole life...and now I have a big clump of hair that is starting to wave. So, alas, I must resort to round brushing that area or using a flat iron. I am testing out a cute little travel flat iron from NuMe that I am loving! :) Nice products and tools! The curling wand sounds great! xoxo

  2. Same thing here. I actually had a section of hair on the left side that looked permed. Even when I round brushed the texture was extra bouncy compared to the rest of my head. I went to the hair dresser and had her do a straightening treatment on the offending section. TaDa! No more "freaky spot".

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