The Look of the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding hype is in full effect, and I’m sure that the day will be just as memorable as the wedding of Charles and Diana. Except that the couple is actually in love.

I’m sure that there will be a ton of viewing parties and even those that want to watch it live while all dressed up. Personally, I’ll be TIVO-ing the broadcast and will watch it later that day. To get you in the festive Royal Wedding mood, here are a few Royal Wedding links!

I shared how to recreate Kate Middleton’s hair with the hair team from Lifetime’s William & Kate movie.

Rimmel has a ton of great things over on their Facebook Page. You can check out British celebrity makeup artist Liz Pugh’s tips and tricks on how to get Kate Middleton’s look, enter a few contests and get coupons for Rimmel products.

In honor of the Royal Wedding, Kiss Artificial Nails is holding a contest for $3,000 towards a wedding dress.


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