Formal Looks: Updos at the SAG Awards

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January Jones and Natalie Portman, updo, SAG Awards 2011
January Jones and Natalie Portman had similar updos this year at the SAG Awards. Note that both had a low bun in back, but their hair swooped up and around in the front.

Pureology ColourAmbassador Natasha Sunshine, owner of Byu-ti Hair Therapy, a Pureology Salon, gave me some tips on how to recreate this look on your own.

1. Start with damp hair, apply a nickel size of Pureology ColourStylist NourishingNectar evenly throughout.

2. Dry thoroughly and set with large rollers wound away from the face.

3. After rollers cool, remove and brush hair through.

4. Leaving out the top front section, pull all the hair back into a low pony and create a side part.

5. Finish ponytail into a bun securing with bobby pins.

6. Brush top front section back and push forward to get a smooth swooping fringe.

7. Spray finished style with ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray.

Edward Tricomi of Warren-Tricomi Salon provided a few more tips on how to achieve these looks.

On January Jones:
To achieve this smart, lady-like look of January Jones, blow out hair straight, using a bit of a round brush to create lift wave. Take a drop of hairspray and comb hair back, then comb the wave into play. Any extra hair can be pinned in tightly by twisting hair back and tucked in until all hair is up off of neck.

On Natalie Portman:
To easily achieve this look at home blow dry hair softly with a round brush. Part hair to the desired side. Spray and twist the smaller side rolling it toward the back of your neck. The larger side should be twisted and sprayed into an “s” shape to follow your natural hairline. Make sure to swoop the front pieces into a wave securing it with hairspray. Pull hair into a rubberband and put into a ponytail. Twist ponytail into a sleek bun and secure with a bobby pin.

Warren Tricomi


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