Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish

Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish, Yellow, Swatch
I admit it, I bought in to the hype and bought “the” color of the season, Chanel Mimosa. This yellow is a bit more wearable than I had thought it would be, as it is a tad darker than most highlighters (I had feared it would be that ugly bright yellow highlighter color). It does have a little bit of same color shimmer that just can’t be captured in a picture.

I would like to point out that this color is very difficult to work with. Yellows have always been known to be finicky in the world of nail polish, and I had been hoping that the nail polish gurus over at Chanel would be able to fix this. Not so. The formula is a bit streaky, and something with the brush just seems to drag and make it much worse. Use a light touch and let your layers sit for a few minutes in between to help keep the streaking at a minimum. I needed 4 light coats to reach full opacity without visible nail line or streaks.

Also, I should add that I’m not really sure why, but I seem to be really gripping the bottle in this picture! I swear my fingers aren’t that red in real life. For some reason I guess I was worried the bottle would run away??



  1. April 25, 2011 / 11:39 pm

    This polish looks so yummy on you! Yellow is such a pretty color for the nails and toes. But it can be such a pain to work with like you stated.

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