Buying More For Every Diaper Bag: Frais Hand Sanitizer

I have to admit that I'm using this hand sanitizer sparingly. Why? It's my "good" hand sanitizer. As in, I want to use it when I'm feeling special. How crazy am I???

This stuff really is amazing. It has a great citrusy scent (I love not smelling like a bottle of rubbing alcohol), dries insanely fast and most importantly, it doesn't burn my hands! It also leaves behind no residue. I'll be stocking up, but I had to share this find!



Beauty Girl said...

Haha. That is too funny. I am the same way with my Philosophy 3 n 1s. I scrimp on them because I want them to last but how enjoyable is a bath with only a couple baby bubbles? It's better to enjoy it now and worry about buying more later.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what diaper bag(s) you use? I have 2 little girls and feel that my "bagging needs" are changing so often that I can't decide...

Christine said...

Beauty Girl- I agree! I'll need to use it a bit more. I'll use up the cheap stuff I have from Walmart, and then I'm splurging on more!

Anon- I actually haven't left the house with my daughter very much. She goes to the pediatrician's office (She was going quite a bit due to issues with her belly button healing), to the grocery store twice and once to the mall. Oh, and today was her first day at day care :( So, I'm probably not the best person to ask. I actually have a variety of bags for her, and I haven't used all of them.

PPB Boxy Backpack is the one I have packed and ready to go. I use it the most because of this and probably because so many friends told me how much they love it. Truthfully, I don't utilize many of the pockets and I've yet to use the built in changing pad, so maybe if I started doing those things it would help some. For now I do find it a bit large and cumbersome, though I do like that I can clip it to my stroller. If you look at this one, I recommend holding out for a sample sale. A few months ago I couldn't go a week without getting an email about a PPB sample sale on Totsy, Zuilly or one of those sites. I think I got mine for 50% off on Totsy, and I went for the wipeable boxy rather than the dry clean only silk one.

Kate Spade Nylon Stevie I have taken off the tags, but this one has yet to leave the house. It was the first baby item I bought after finding out I was pregnant. Mine's in black, again 50% off from a sample sale, I think Hautelook or Gilt Groupe. I'll probably switch to this one pretty soon actually, since it fits "me" better than the PPB.

Skip Hop Dash Deluxe in Cherry Bloom. When I was about 25 weeks my mom pointed out that I probably shouldn't be taking super expensive diaper bags to day care and leaving them, since someone would likely "mix up" our bags and mine would walk away. So, I registered for this one as it's my sister's favorite. It's cute and has good pockets, but it still has the tags on and hasn't left the house yet.

LL Bean Boat and Tote Zip Top bag I suddenly realize last week that Megan would have a lot of stuff that needed to go to Day Care and there was no way it was going to fit in her regular diaper bags. I have one of these in navy, which I've been using to take my breast pump and cooler bag to work in. So, I ordered 2 of these (medium and large) in Pink Berry with her name embroidered on them. I figure they'll be great for going to grandma's house and such in the future as well.

So yeah, I have a lot of bags too. 2 have left the house. My friend Melissa has 2 kiddos and the last time we went to the mall (I was about 7 months pregnant at the time), she just had a very tiny bag that held about 2 diapers and a small travel pak of wipes. That was it. For her 13 month old! I was impressed, though she's much more minimalist than me.

Hope that helps some!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine:
Thanks so much for such a thorough response to my bag question. I'm like your friend: I have 2 girls (ages 3 and 1), so I don't need tons of dipes/wipes (my older one has been potty-trained for some time now), and I don't need bottles. Actually, I like to keep a water bottle for me, and my girls end up drinking from it as well when we're out and about. This prevents the "need' to buy something on the fly and pay 3x the price for the convenience. Plus, water is best, right?

Right now, I'm actually using a one-strap, cross body backpack (does that make sense) that i rec'd from a formula company - for free! I like it for day-to-day use, and it has a mesh bottle holder pocket on the side, which is mandatory in my bag-search, unless I'm specifically looking for something for elegant, like a clutch. I did buy a JJ Cole messenger style bag at Target for $14.98. It was on clearance from $59.99! A steal! It's very big for a everyday use, but I think it'll be perfect for day trips or even outings to the children's museum or the zoo.


Christine said...

Wow, that was a steal! I think I know just the formula bag you're talking about, I've seen it around the hospital. :D It's so hard to find bags with bottle holders! If they have them, the bags are HUGE. I think that JJ Cole you have might be one of the smallest bags out there with a bottle holder.

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