Bare Escentuals Beautifully Bronzed

Bare Escentuals Bronzed & Buff, review
Bare Escentuals has a new sunless tanner brush, and it is debuting today on QVC! This product duo is a little bit different from other sunless tanners for several reasons. First, you see the color as you apply it, making goofs such as missed spots or dark areas on your knees a thing of the past! It also goes on with a buffing brush, so you can avoid orange palms. The formula even contains Vitamins C & E as well as Sweet Almond Oil.

As with all of my sunless tanner reviews, my cousin Ellery tried it out and wrote the review for me. Read on to see what this sunless tanner guru thought of the Bare Escentuals formula!

When my cousin Christine (of 15 minute Beauty Fanatic) contacted me to test out self-tanners I was THRILLED! This is the exact thing I need right now to help cover up my scary-white legs and loose left-over baby fat-because nothing says “quick fix” like tanned fat right?!

I was given a sample of the Bare Escentuals Faux Tan and Bronzing Brush to try, and I was intrigued by the idea! How great to have a brush apply the tanner rather than plastic-gloved hands that leave marks and streaks all over.

I decided to apply the tanner at night after the 3 monsters had gone to bed. I took a shower and made sure to exfoliate all over, especially my knees and elbows. I dried my skin well, then put some lotion (with sunscreen in it) on the palms of my hands to avoid any coloration from the tanner there. I squeezed the tanner directly from the bottle on to the buffing brush and began to apply it on my legs in circular motions. See the video below for an application demonstration.

I noticed right away that is DID NOT have that “tanner” smell! It also went on very dark so that I could see where any stray marks were to buff away. I made sure to apply it to only one leg so that you could have an immediate before and after self tanner comparison:

As you can see from this really scary top-down angle of my legs (how else could I have done it) that it really did cover up the discolorations and veins showing on my skin.  I continued the process all over my body and made sure to apply a light coat on my elbows, hands, feet, and knees.  I then washed out the buffing brush in warm water until the water ran clear.  As I was drying the brush gently on a towel I look down and…AH, I had forgotten my other leg! Ok, so now I had a damp brush and was not sure what to do.  Since I didn’t want to wait for the brush to dry, I gave it a try with the damp brush, and guess what?  It went on great, but was a lot lighter!  I applied it with about 2 coats to give it the same look as the other leg, but thought that this would be a good tip if you are super-white and are looking for a lighter tan look.

I put on my leggings and long sleeved-shirt, and went to bed with the product still on.  In the morning, it did appear somewhat darker, but I was still happy that it looked very natural and bronze (not orange at all)!  In the shower, there was very little residue that came off, and none of the color that I could tell.  I was told all day that I looked great, and no one could believe it was not a natural tan.

I just love this product and look forward to using it all summer long!

Today’s post has been brought to us by my cousin Ellery from Mom’s Life Made Easy. I’ve conned her into trying out all of the sunless tanners this year since I’ve embraced the pale. Ellery is a busy mommy of 3 little ones under the age of 5, but somehow manages to always look amazing!

The sunless tanner and brush duo is debuting today and has a special price for the debut, so order soon if you’re interested!
Bare Escentuals Beautifully Bronzed on QVC


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