AERIN, Aerin Lauder and Estée Lauder: The Announcement and The Collection I'm Dying to See!

Aerin Lauder
Aerin Lauder is one of those women that I've always loved and secretly aspired to be like. Yes, she's the granddaughter of Estée. Yup, she owns a very large chunk of Estée Lauder stock (she's the third-largest shareholder at Estée Lauder). And she's definitely one of the most stylish women in New York. Have you seen where she lives? Or noticed that she's nearly always on the best dressed list for events in New York?

Tonight I got a press release from Estée Lauder talking about her new venture. The NY Post had info on her upcoming lifestyle/fashion company. I can definitely see her as the next Tori Burch. Actually, quite a bit larger as I think Aerin likely has a grander vision than Tori. Anyways, the company mentioned in the NY Post has a fashion line. Yes. And housewares. And Jewelry. OMG, have you seen the bottles she's helped designed for the Estée Lauder Private Collection perfumes? Amazing. And now it will be in jewelry.

AND!!! The press release I received tonight said that there will be an AERIN beauty collection. Yes, sold at Estée counters, but a completely separate company.

Lest you despair for Estée Lauder, the company will not be Aerin-less. She'll be serving as creative consultant and becoming its Style and Image Director. She will also continue as the brand’s global ambassador and spokesperson, which she's been doing for quite a while.

Now I'm waiting to see what AERIN will be putting out, I'm sure it will be amazing!

Estée Lauder

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