Sadick Dermatology's Anti-Aging Kit: My Entire Anti-Aging Checklist in 1 Box?

Sadick Dermatology's Anti-Aging Kit: My Entire Anti-Aging Checklist in 1 Box?, skin care
You've seen my anti-aging skincare checklist before, it likes to hang out at the bottom of my anti-aging skin care reviews. It looks like this:

What is that thing? It helps me keep track of what active anti-aging ingredients are in that product (hint: you can click on each name to go to a post about that ingredient category and why you want it in your anti-aging routine). The idea is not to have an all inclusive product. In fact, that would not be desirable as you want your retinoids at night usually and obviously sunscreen during the day. Rather, these are the ingredients that I try to include in an entire routine. And really, the hydroxy acids are there just for exfoliation. You could manually exfoliate instead if the acids dry out your skin.

Watching the checklist can make it a bit easier to build your own skin care routine. But, wouldn't it be nice if someone had already done all of that work for you? Luckily, someone has! Read on to check out the products in this kit, which hit most of my favorite anti-aging ingredients.

I haven't tried out these products yet (they are in fact sitting on my vanity awaiting their turn), but I wanted to share them with you in the meantime.

AM Protection Cream
This daily moisturizer has SPF 20 and a few other great ingredient categories. I like that the retinoids were left out of this product, since they would just be inactivated by the sun anyways.

PM Reversal Serum

PM Rejuvenation Cream

Also: Kojic Acid & Licorice Root Extract, both work for lightening/whitening

So, in this box is a bunch of my favorite anti-aging ingredients. I'll be testing out these products myself sometime in the near future and they'll be available at Sephora really soon!

Sadick Dermatology

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acne scar treatment said...

My mom has used these products recently and it makes a wonderful result. It made to look younger. She was thankful for her friend who endorses her of this product.

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