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Have you seen the new eye shadows from Revlon? I admit to coveting them for a while, though it's been a long time since I used Revlon shadows. They're a little bit pricier than the typical drugstore shadows, and I wasn't sure that they would be worth the money. As well, I wasn't sure about the colors. That bottom quint looks great, but that top one... if really pigmented would I look like a clown?

Read on to see swatches and read what I thought of the shadows.

So it turns out that Revlon hasn't just made these crazy well pigmented shadows that look strange together. Some of the colors are well pigmented, some are more subtle. For these swatches I've picked the picture that show the colors as close to real life as possible. You can see that a few of the colors are so subtle that they really barely show up in my swatches.

On the back of each quint is a little eye chart showing you which color to put where for a great look. I follow the directions for one of the quints, and you can see my first attempt here. Note that I'm not usually one of those girls with 20 colors of eye shadows to create an amazing eye look. I'm more in to the subtle, 3 or 4 shadows lightly shaded together to look pretty natural girl. I also don't usually do the "V" to my outer lid as suggested by Revlon. So, be nice to me in the comments for actually posting this! :D

Regardless, I was very happy with the way it came out. It was very pretty and more subtle than I had expected looking at the product in store. I did not look like a clown! Rather, I looked like I was one of those girls with the amazing eye look, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I created this in about 4 or 5 minutes (it's much faster with practice) and it did last all day without fading. I only wished that the color recommended for use as liner was a bit darker. In subsequent uses I've applied black or brown pencil and then smudged the eye shadow liner over this for added depth.



  1. Could you please say what each palette is called. Loving the colors :)

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  2. The top quint is Metallic Chic and the bottom is Sweet Innocence. I didn't realize I'd forgotten to name them, sorry! :D

  3. Looks fantastic Christine! You blended the colours splendidly. Thanks so much for posting this great review!

  4. Thanks so much Alyria! I'll need to practice some more with these complicated eye looks (Phyrra is my idol! I want to be more like her!), hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon! :D

  5. Thanks for posting these. I'll have to check them out. Nice review!


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