Per-Fekt Skin Perfection Gel: Perfect Skin in a Pump?

I remember being confused by this product when it was introduced a few years ago and was featured in different magazines and blogs. A gel? That provides coverage? Huh?

Ignore the gel part. Basically, this product is a light tinted moisturizer with the primer and a mattifier included. It even contains a few ingredients that are anti-aging (the anti-oxidants Vitamins A and E). Once I started ignoring the "gel" that is actually in the name of this product the whole thing made more sense to me.

Overall I really loved this product. It is a light gel (yes, can't really describe it any other way) that has some tinting to it. It feels like a typical silicone based primer when it goes on, though a little lighter in feeling. The coverage is very light (I used Luminous if you are curious), though it does help even out my skin tone a little bit, perfect for the weekends. For days that I need a bit more coverage, I've found it works great as a primer under other foundations. My pores are reduced and foundation applies more evenly.

I think my favorite part of this product is the mattifying effect. It doesn't super mattify my skin like using milk of magnesia does, but instead helps absorb about 95% of my oil. This is actually a much more flattering look for me, since the super matte...mmm... not so natural looking. I'll be reaching for this gel a lot!

Per-fekt Beauty

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