China Glaze Happy Go Lucky Nail Polish Swatch

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky Nail Polish Swatch
This yellow nail polish is a little less neon highlighter than some of them out there. 3 coats to opaque.

China Glaze


Fash Boulevard said...

omg. talk about a pop of color. xoxo

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eGarrison said...

I love this color for summer! Gonna get this one :)

Rosa Aitmahdi said...

Ok your nails always look super amazing! I'm not talking about the colour, although the color is very pretty, but i'm talking about how well groomed your nails look!

Christine said...

Thanks Rosa!
I'm thinking about updating my super epic long "mani routine" post with a series of smaller and less encyclopedic posts on how I do a mani and take care of my nails. :D

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