Yellow Nails: The Color of the Moment?

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Personally, I was too in awe of her crazy entrance in an egg stunt to notice what Lady Gaga was wearing at the Grammys the other night, but it turns out that she was wearing yellow nail polish. The color was Yellow Brick Road from Deborah Lippmann.

I'm semi-adventuresome in my nail polish wearing (meaning I'll do dark colors and purples, even at work), but I draw the line at colors that clash with my skin tone (blue and green make my hands look like they are not perfused by blood, hence I won't wear them). I can't honestly say I know how yellow nail polish will work on me.

Yellow is poised to be the color of the summer, because the big monster Chanel is releasing a bright yellow nail polish this summer. Yellow Brick Road looks very similar, though perhaps a tad less neon, which can only be a good thing in my mind.

What do you think, will you be rocking the yellow nails this summer?

Deborah Lippmann


  1. Yellow is my least favorite color. I can't see how this will look good on anyone but those with dark skintones. So I will stick to my summery pinks and teals!

  2. Ew! No!

    Although my 12-year-old did notice Gaga's nails and I imagine she'd love to paint her nails yellow - it will be a good compromise for us as I don't like her to wear dark colors.

    I'm not sure why I think red on a 12-year-olds nails would be less trashy than yellow. Go figure. Parenting by crap shoot.

  3. yes, I will wear yellow! Maybe not so much on my fingers, but definitely on my toes. I have a zoya (from the candy collection a couple of summers ago) that I wear at least once a spring/summer. I have worn it on my fingers a couple of times. It might clash a little, but it's so fun and summery I wear it anyway. That said, since I already have a yellow I won't spend money on Chanel or Lippman for the "trend" color.

  4. I heard that this is a jelly which would definitely be easier to work with as far as yellows go. I'm in the same boat, cool and pale, but I'd be willing to try out yellow since I can pull of blue and green.

  5. I love my yellow nail polish. I rocked Mellow (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear) pretty much all summer. It's, as it's name suggests, a creamy "mellow" yellow. Love it! Get compliments every time I have it on!

  6. I like wearing "weird" and "unexpected" colors on my nails, such as dark blue, white, or...YELLOW! Why not? It's fun and different! It's great for people who don't want to be "ordinary"...and it gives you this little KICK every time you see your nails, like it reminds you that you are a fun, adventuresome type who wears unconventional nail polish!


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