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Beauty Girl Musings
Today’s collection of tips is brought to us by my friend Monique, over at Beauty Girl Musings. I’m so honored that she had so many great tips to share with us! Monique truly is amazing. At blogger events I’m usually found near her since I like being with her so much. She’s incredibly nice and funny, not to mention she somehow always looks perfect. She lives in Southern California where she blogs and lives with her family (including 2 great kids!). Did I mention that she is a licenced esthetician? And she has a new fitness blog, Fit Girl Musings?

• To give lips a pretty, rosy hue exfoliate lips with your toothbrush, then follow up with your favorite sheer lipstick or gloss. Lips will look smooth and more natural.

• To add instant volume to hair, flip head over and brush hair. You can use a hair dryer for added help or if your hair is damp.

• Rim the upper inside rim of your eyes with black eyeliner (like the waterline on lower lashline, but on top) before applying mascara. Not only will you hide the mascara marks that inevitably end up there, but lashes will look fuller and more lush. I do this every day, and it makes such a difference!

• Keep your eye cream or gel in the fridge– it’s a great treat in the morning and especially for tried, puffy eyes. Let it sink in for about 10 minutes before you apply your makeup. Puffiness be gone!

• If you want your heavier-coverage liquid foundation to be more sheer, mix it with a pea size amount of moisturizer in the palm of your hand, then apply to face and blend into your neck.

• For close set eyes, apply a light colored shimmery shadow on the inside corners of your eyes to create an illusion of wider set eyes.

Beauty Girl Musings



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