Milani Silver Dazzle Nail Polish

Milani Silver Dazzle Nail Polish, One Coat Glitter, Swatch

This polish is one of the One Coat Glitters from Milani. It really is one coat for full coverage, though it will have to be a very thick coat and take forever to dry! I have had better luck with one very light coat, let that dry for a minute or two, and then follow up with a medium coat.

Note that the amount of glitter in this polish means it will be somewhat bumpy once dry. I recommend checking out a thick top coat to even things out, this will really help with the shimmer! My favorites are from Poshe and Seche Vite, though I’ve heard the Gelous base coat (available at Sally’s Beauty Supply) works great for this as well.

To help remove such a glittery polish, try the foil removal method that I mentioned in my CND Shellac post.



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  1. February 27, 2011 / 10:25 pm

    I love glitter polish, they tend to last so much longer than a normal polish (in fact my Zoya Nova was on for 10 days before I had noticeable chipping) but I agree the bumpiness is a negative. I will have to check out your suggestions for topcoats.

    Also I find instead of the foil method with a cotton pad, a cut up piece of felt from the craft store works a bit better than the cotton does with the foil.

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