MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish, review, swatch
MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinishes are pretty popular, though they usually don’t look like this. You can’t tell from the picture, but these Skinfinishes are twice the size of normal Skinfinishes. As well, rather than being a swirl of colors (typically a bronze/tan color, a pink/peach and some shimmer with frost), these pans have the colors separated out.

Read on to see swatches…

I think the separation of colors makes these pans much more wearable than the typical Skinfinish. I was using Pink Power, which you can see is much lighter than Golden Lariat. The bottom pink/gold is also matte, and towards the top is a shimmery counterpart that is amazing as a highlighter. If you want you can swirl a kabuki brush over the whole pan, but personally, I loved the center tan color as a bronzer. The matte pink I used as a blush (often with a small pop of a darker pink blush over my cheek bone for added depth), and the shimmery lighter pink I use as a highlighter on my brow bone, nose and cheek bone.

MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish



  1. February 26, 2011 / 2:05 am

    Hey yeah I purchased the golden lariat.. and WOW they're gigantic in size! I like/hate it though LOL.. More product but not easy to stick into a make up travel bag

    How do you like it so far?

  2. February 26, 2011 / 9:39 pm

    I do like it, though I've found as I use it more that I use the pink as a blush, the shimmery pink as a highlighter and the tan color in the middle is actually a bit too dark to use all the time as a bronzer. Because of that shade the whole thing is a tad too dark for my skin to be mixed together (I'm using Pink Power, BTW). I think I'm just too pale for them at my NC 10-15 range.

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