L'Oreal The One Sweep: One Step to Perfectly Shaded Eye Shadow?

Have you seen these yet at a store near you? I have to admit that I was incredibly curious from the moment I saw them on the end cap. These new L'Oreal eye shadows are called "The One Sweep", which to me strongly implies that you should be able to take that little spongy spatula thing, sweep it once over your lid, and be done with it. Doesn't it?

You can see in this picture that the real story with this eye shadow is that applicator. The idea is that with it lying flat, you run it down the shadows and then transfer this to your lid. The picture makes it seem easy. I really didn't think that it was. With moving down the palette, I smeared the shadows around some. Same thing happened once I tried to transfer the shadow onto my lid. While a little bit of the smearing is probably ok (blending!), I wondered if I was particularly horrible at this.

But... when you use the shadows as just regular shadows, they're great. I loved the colors (I mostly used the brown, as it's meant for brown eyes). The shadows are nicely pigmented and I thought they blended easily. I used the shadows to recreate the dark to light range in the palette and liked the look created by the shades. The lighter shades are a bit more subtle than you would think based on the palettes (see the swatches below, this really is the best I could get everything to show up on my fair skin). I found that they lasted all day and I had no caking issues.

So, over all I did really like these shadows, even though I personally was unsuccessful at using the special applicator. Let me know if you've tried them out!

L'Oreal Studio Secrets The One Sweep


  1. Hmmm, this just seems like a marketing ploy to me, I have to say I'm just gonna skip it.

  2. emilynoel83 or Beauty Broadcast on YouTube showed how unrealistic this product is and just like her I think this is just a marketing ploy where you pay too much for little product!

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  3. I don't think this would work very well...it's a nice idea but it doesn't take that much time to just apply the eyeshadow one at a time.

    -Principessa Gabriella

  4. This looks interesting! I am going to have to start looking for it!
    Lynn Golovich
    About Faces Detroit Michigan Makeup Artist


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