Jessica Spring 2011: Runway Style

Jessica Cosmetics Spring 2011
With the Spring 2011 Runways filled with goddess inspired designs, Jessica has created their spring 2011 collection, "Runway Style". The colors are all named for The Sirens Sea Goddesses, the mythical beauties whose enchanting voices seduce passing sailors to shipwreck.

Included in this collection:
• Enchantress (674): Orange Coral
• Seductress (670): Ruby Pink
• Goddess (671): Shimmery White
• Alluring Creature (672): Baby Pink
• Coquette (673): Iridescent Grey
• Temptress of the Sea (675): Glistening Beige

I have my eye on Coquette and Seductress and I'm really curious about Temptress of the Sea, though I'm afraid it might be a bit too warm for my cool complexion. Which color interests you the most?

Available soon at Jessica Cosmetics

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