The Dancing With the Stars Hairpieces: You Too Can Have Sandra's Bangs!

I've been wondering for a few months now how I would look in bangs. I had them for forever and then grew them out in college. It was the age of the Rachel, it was time to update with many, difficult to style layers!

Anyways, so I there I was, content to ponder bangs on my own quietly. And then Sandra Bullock did this at the Golden Globes. And I wanted bangs. But what if I didn't like them? It was a serious pain to grow them out the first time. Yes, my hair grows super fast, but that awkward in between phase.... ugh.

I needed something simple that would let me try them out temporarily. Luckily, Dancing with the Stars came to the rescue. Yes, DWTS.

Read on to see how I look with Sandra's bangs!

So, here I am still pregnant (yup, post dates and all in this picture) and I'm not quite sure why all of my pictures always look washed out as soon as they go on the web. I swear I am wearing blush and have on a light pink lippie!

Regardless, I thought the bangs did look pretty good! The color was pretty much a perfect match for my hair (which I had honestly picked out my holding my hair up to the screen of my laptop and saying "sure, that looks good." The hair was not too shiny and once brushed out it did feel and look a lot like my own hair once I had used a flat iron on my head.

Putting the hair in is pretty easy. Since these are bangs, I found that I needed to move my hair out of the way (remember, this is the hair that would be in the bangs already, so they need to be not obviously still there). I parted my hair (it looks much better with a center part as opposed to a side part), and then pulled it back in a clip. The bangs have 3 little clips and while I didn't feel like I had really gripped the hair much when I slid the clips into place, it really was secured very well. I let my hair back down and combed the bangs into place with my hair. Voila!

So, my bangs are part of the new Dancing with the Stars Hair Collection from Put On Pieces by HairUWear. They coming in 12 shades and a couple of different styles. The hair is fake, but really did feel real to me. You can even style it since the hair can withstand heat up to 350º.

Bango Tango ($22.00): Blunt cut clip-in bangs
Bellissima ($10.00): French braid band
Flirtini ($39.00): 19” of cascading waves on a clip-in comb
Glamarama ($20.00): Soft waves on a clip-in comb
Go! Go! Girl ($49.00): 18” layered one-piece clip-in extensions
Salsaloosa ($15.00): A hair wrap with contrasting lengths
Starlights ($49.00): 18” human hair clip-in highlight extension

I tried out the Bango Tango, and while I'm not sure about myself in bangs, I do know that I'll have fun having them when I want them!

The Dancing With the Stars Hairpieces available at ULTA, HSN


  1. Oh it's super cute and you look amazing! PS. CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks Christina!
    Now to just work on not looking like Casper once I post a pic online...

  3. Love the bangs!


  4. Oh those look like fun. Where can I get them?

  5. Ellery! :D
    I'd head to ULTA so you can check out the colors in person. I really think I was lucky with picking out the color that I did, it would have been easy to end up one or two shades off. The bangs only work on me when I straighten my hair- I'm too wavy to pull it off otherwise (so you definitely will be too). I have no idea where in SD an ULTA is, but there's an amazing one in Irvine so I can tell you how to get there next time you head up to the OC if you want.

  6. The bangs look so cute on you Christine!!! What a good color match you found!!! :) And, lol...I always end up looking so white in pictures too. Alas, the plight of the fair-skinned lady! ;) Funny...I am planning on getting blunt bangs on Saturday! I already have "side bangs" but feel like changing up my hair a bit just for fun. :)


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