Best of Dalton 3-Piece Long Wear Discovery Kit

Best of Dalton 3-Piece Long Wear Discovery Kit
This set of cosmetics from Dalton seems to be available only on QVC, but it contains my favorite Dalton products.

Included in this set:
• Cream eyeliner with Dermaflex in Midnight in mirrored compact
• Long-wear powder shadow duo in Plum Truffle and Champagne in mirrored compact
• Brow Fix with Nutra 6 Complex in mirrored compact
• Double-ended brow brush
• Double-ended liner/shadow brush

Note that the set comes in different Brow Fix colors. Unfortunately it seems that the Blonde shade doesn't work for some people, and they have flooded the QVC reviews with 1 star reviews based purely on this color. They didn't try out any of the other products. Pretty much all of the other reviews are 4 or 5 stars. I'm kinda disappointed in the people that gave 1 star based on the shade of 1 product in a set.

Anyways, I did like this set. A quick review of each product.

Cream Eyeliner
This comes in a compact, but there is a cool little extra lid inside of the compact that helps keep the eyeliner from drying out. It is thicker in consistency than the gel eye liners by MAC, Bobbi Brown and Elizabeth Arden, but I still found it very easy to work with. It dried fairly quickly and I had no issues with smearing throughout the day and it even removed easily with a variety of eye make up removers.

Long Wear Powder Shadow
I really liked this shadow except for the wear time. Despite trying it over multiple eye primers, the most wear I saw was about 10 hours. I'm used to getting 12 or more with primer, especially if a shadow has labelled itself "Long Wear". I will saw that I loved this duo for the time that it was on. I found the shadow not too powdery, easy to blend and I loved the way it looked on me. (The swatch below doesn't really do it justice, there is a subtle but pretty shimmer in both shadows and they just really brought out my eyes. Both colors are a bit richer in real life.) There was no creasing with the shadows, they just kind of... disappeared after about 10 hours.

Brow Fix
Oh, the trouble caused by the off shade of the blonde brow fix. I tried this in brunette, which was pretty much the perfect shade for me. I had no issues with it being "too orange", it really was the perfect color for me. The brow fix comes in the same compact as the eyeliner, and the consistency is somewhere between a gel eye liner and a powder. It's a strange combination of both and I can't describe it any more. I applied it with the stiff angled brush included in the set, and then brushed over my brows with the spiral end of the brush. It takes about a minute, looks very natural and seems to last pretty much all day, which I love.

Best of Dalton 3-Piece Long Wear Discovery Kit

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