Time to Stop Lurking!

I have to admit that I'm always curious about the people that read my blog. I'm quite amazed that almost 4 years after starting this site on a whim (Jan 27th is my 4 year blogging anniversary) that so many people care what I have to say about lip gloss, sunscreen or night cream.

So, in honor of Lurking Day (which I read about today over on Rookie Moms), let me know who you are! I'm curious about where my readers live, what your favorite part of my site is and if there's anything you'd like to see me cover on this site soon!


  1. Well, I guess I'll get things started! I'm a senior at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. Makeup shopping is my favorite guilty pleasure, so I read a few beauty blogs mainly for the product reviews. I think I found yours through a "Best Beauty Blogs" list of some sort. Unlike many make-up junkies, I'm not that into colors and sparkles. Instead, I'm all about finding makeup that can last through a full day of running all over campus to class (or, next year, teaching a full day of middle school) or going out at night. I have a secondary obsession with finding foundations that match my super-pale skin.

  2. OK! I'll play along. I have commented before, but not that often. I found you way, way back from the old MUA board days, and I think a link from alllacqueredup.

    I'm currently in Colorado, but I in preparation to move to Michigan (which I think may be where you are?). I would actually love to get some recs for places there.

    I love your sunscreen reviews, and finding out more about the smaller brands that maybe aren't main stream yet. Also I appreciate anytime you do real life swatches. :-)


  3. Anon-
    OMG, the super pale complexion and foundation! It is hard, I have the exact same issue. I've tried out so many formulations of foundation and loved them, only to be frustrated by my inability to be matched to a shade (the spray can by Dior is amazing, I need it about 3 shades lighter than it is made). I've had good luck with finding light foundations from MUFE, Stila, Neutrogena and Cover Girl if that helps!

    A- I have to admit that while sitting around waiting for my baby girl to arrive (I hope any day now) I've been back on the MUA nail board a little bit, hence the dramatic increase in nail polish pictures lately on my blog. :D And yup, I am in Michigan (I live in Ann Arbor but I'm from Grand Haven on the west side of the state), shoot me an email about your move! (cemikese at yahoo.com)

    Also, I'm trying to do more swatches! It's been a long learning process trying to figure out where in the house and what time of day to do swatches since moving back to Michigan about 18 months ago. I had no issues in So Cal, but once i moved here.... I can't even tell you how many thousands of images I took over the last 18 months and found all of them to be horribly inaccurate re: color. I've finally got a system down, so expect more pictures!

  4. Hola =) I'm a fourth year med student. Beauty blogs and Youtube are a release from my studying, haha.

    I think I first found your blog over a year ago from Karen at Makeupandbeautyblog? But ever since then I've been hooked. I really love your in depth reviews and I've used a lot of your recs. I may not comment much, but I read almost every day!

    Thanks for your efforts. They are truly appreciated!

    - Sofia

  5. Sofia!
    It's so close to match time, you must be super excited! I remember being incredibly nervous about my list and submitting it. I was on pins and needles pretty much until the results were announced. Good luck on the next USMLE Step and I hope the match goes well for you!

  6. Hello! I'm a first year masters student in English Literature all the way from Singapore. That's a pretty long way off huh ;) I stumbled upon your site from alllacqueredup.com I think, and it's been around a year or so since I started reading.

    i love, love, love your posts and I've even subscribed to your site on RSS feed. Like you, I'm really trying to shorten my beauty routine every morning cos it takes me around 3 hours from the time I get up to the time I reach school (1 to shower and slap on some make up, 2 for travel).

    My skin tone's fair, and I think if you ever come over to Singapore for a vacation you can try the tons of Asian makeup we have here- they're relatively cheap (around $20USD) and they have shades for really fair skin. You'd probably hate the weather though. It's too warm and humid most of the time, which makes my eczema flare up sometimes.

    Ok, enough rambling I think, and I'm looking forward to your next nail polish post! Absolutely love those :)


  7. Hi Cheryl!
    I have to admit, Singapore has long been on my list of places to visit, just for the shopping! When I was in high school my aunt and uncle moved there, so I have 2 cousins that graduated from the Singapore American School there. I have heard a lot about the heat and humidity there, but even more about the shopping. :D I'm hoping to make it there someday, though that would likely be combined into a visit to Australia.

    Let me know what your favorite Asian makeup brands are! I can find some of them when I'm in So Cal, but since I have no idea what is good I just skip them all, rather than wasting money.

  8. Hi :)

    I'm Vicki and I'm from Yorskhire, England. I love your blog! I am definitely a serial lurker and I really need to start commenting more on all the blogs I follow to show my appreciation for all the interesting posts. I enjoy nail polish posts the most, especially swatches. I'm a bit of a nail polish addict so its my favourite type of post to read up on.

    I would love more foundation reviews since I find it so hard to find something for pale dry skin that wont look cakey but still gives good coverage.

    I actually decided to stop putting it off and start my own beauty blog today! So I would love if you could have a quick peek for me :)


  9. Hi! I'm from New Jersey, about 10 minutes away for NYC. I found your site a little over a year ago while I was on maternity leave. I was just going through one blog after another and most weren't for me. (The days when a newborn would sleep most of the day.) Then I found this and have been following it ever since.

  10. Hi, my name is Jodi T. and I'm from Wellston, OH (South-Eastern Ohio). I am a 25 year old mother of one 3 year old girl. I was linked to your blog (from another beauty blog, I can't remember the name though) several weeks ago and have read it everyday (or most days) since. I think you do a fine job as is but I wouldn't mind seeing more drugstore choices since this is what my budget currently allows. I think a lot of people would also read your blog more if you covered brands such as Revlon, Physician's Formula, etc. cause a lot of people do not even have Sephora stores or budgets right now.

  11. The fake kind of doctorJanuary 14, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    Hi, I'm a newly minted Ph.D. in bioinformatics, soon to start a postdoc at Stanford. I'm also a big fan of your blog. I'm not as much into makeup/perfume/nails as skin care (though I do like to hear about makeup basics like foundation and tinted moisturizer), so I really like your posts about creams and eye treatments and retinol products. I'm a bit obsessed with preventing signs of aging, especially around the eyes, and I'm still trying to find the best regimen for me.

    I ordered the Monica Refine cleanser from your "deep clean" post a month or so ago, and I'm thinking to get the Prep scrub you described in the same post, but I'm hoping to hear your upcoming review of other Your Best Face products first. BTW, exfoliation is good at any age, right? (I'm 27.)

    Best wishes for your delivery!

  12. I'm Colleen from SoCal (though I'm about to head back up to NorCal to finish my M.A.)and I've been reading your blog for...probably a couple of years now. I love makeup, though I don't wear it enough to justify how much I buy lol. I really enjoy the inspiration that makeup blogs provide!

  13. Hi, Christine! I stumbled across your blog while reading "Ashley's Closet". I've been following your blog for almost a year. I tried to "subscribe" but for some reason I was not receiving it. I have always loved make-up, and try to become educated on products before I purchase. Your blog has given me a lot of good information. Even at the age of 45, I still seem to be looking for the perfect foundation. One of the first posts I read from you was about Dermablend. Because of a link you posted I was able to get a free sample. I love the texture of this foundation. I just wish they offered more shades. Even though I have no Asian ethnicity, I have a yellow undertone. I am now trying Bobbi Brown, but have not been very happy with the particular foundation they recommended for me. Sorry, I digress. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and think you do a great job of covering a lot of different categories. If I had one thing that I am searching for presently, it would be a night cream to use during the winter to help with dry skin BUT doesn't cause break-outs. Best wishes on the upcoming arrival of your sweet little baby!

    Jill (GA...north of ATL)

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    I'm an American English teacher in South Korea. While a lot can be said for the country, I have a hard time finding makeup that likes me much here so a couple times a year my mom ships me a box of goodies. I came across your blog about a year ago while looking for a new something or other and was immediately hooked. Love your quick style tips and your good coverage of all types and prices of products. I've bought several products you've suggested and have a wishlist of so many more. Impressed that you've kept it up, baby bump and all. Best wishes to you on the beginning of this new life!


  15. I'm a blogger myself (http://www.beautyinfozone.com) and have been reading your blog for almost a year. I'm a former elementary school teacher who started working in cosmetics after I retired from teaching. Cosmetics are a passion of mine and the blog keeps me involved in a creative way.

  16. I didn't read the comments before. I'm from Michigan too. I'm in Farmington and my blog partner is in Lake Orion. I didn't know we had a group here.

  17. I'm from Michigan... I just recently (like a couple months ago) got really into reading beauty blogs but I've been a member of Specktra for years now. Soon after I started reading (lots and lots) of blogs, I started my own and so right now, beauty blog reading and writing is my obsession and I'm loving it!

    I'm a pretty recent college graduate and I'm kinda wandering around lost right now and I guess that's ok.

    I've been reading your blog for about as long as any other beauty blog I'm currently reading and I love yours a lot :)

  18. I read because I enjoy what you have to say :)

  19. I'm a reader from San Francisco, CA. I am a nursing student. Love your blog! And all your tips :)

  20. Hi - I live in South Africa and found your blog through a link on alllacqueredup as far as I can recall. I am always interested in your anti-ageing posts - I have already learnt a lot from these. I also like your posts that contain suggestions for foundation and make-up for super pale, cool-toned skin.

  21. Well, I'm very new to your site. I'm a make up junkie and I love to read as much about skincare and cosmetics as humanly possible. There are so many blogs out there that there aren't enough hours in a day to read them all. There was something I just can't put my finger on that made your blog stand apart from the rest in a nice way and so, here I am. As for subjects I'd like to see you cover, that's hard to say since as I already stated, I'm new to your site. However, as a whole, I'm very interested in the more boutique cosmetic lines like Top Hollywood make up artist Julie Hewett's gorgeous make up line, 3CC Three Custom Color Specialists), Beaute (they make the most magnificent glosses), Edward Bess, Le Metier, and others in that category. I'm also very interested in learning more about light therapy and all these new gadjets that are now on the market that promise to erase all the ravages of time in just 30 days with the use of their device, such as the Tanda, etc. So I look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2011 for your readers. Thank you for all your hard work.
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  22. Oh hello.

    I've been lurking you for a month or so and am so far favouring your nail polish reviews... I only ever wear polish on my toes, so I let myself go crazy with colours there. Have you tried any of the Sephora brand colours?

    (I'm from Edmonton, AB, Canada by the way)

  23. I'm Dr. Cynthia Bailey a board certified dermatologist and blogger. Christine, I can't remember how I found your blog but I'm so glad I did. I can read an ingredient label and help patients pick suitable makeup products that way but I actually don't wear a lot of makeup myself and am rarely at a makeup counter. You're helping me keep up on trends and new products. I love it! Your well thought out assessments of products are great, plus your posts are just plain fun to read. Like some of your other readers who commented, your posts are a release for me. Also, thanks for getting us readers to introduce ourselves- we have many interesting similarities.

  24. Hi,

    I am in Troy, Michigan. I might be a bit older than most of your readers, but I am a skin care junkie! I have closets and drawers full of expensive stuff, cheap stuff and everything in between. Not sure how I stumbled on upon your blog. You must have written about some product I was researching. Love your reviews. Read them all! By the way, we love Ann Arbor - my husband is a U of M Grad. I esp love the Art Fairs!

  25. Hi there,

    I'm a pediatrician in canada. I only started reading your blog a few months ago. I have a huge obsession with skincare products and love trying new things. I probably came across your blog on a search for skin care reviews. I was quite surprised to find out you were a fellow physician around the same age too.

    I bought almost the entire Bioelements line on your recommendation and started trying kiehls too. I am starting to look for richer formulations that will be prevent the signs of aging for as long as possible. I'm also starting to be more interested in natural and organic lines too, so would love to see more of those reviews as well. Also, what's your opinion on the whole oxybenzone controversy?

    Congrats and good luck on the motherhood journey!

  26. HI there,

    I'm a pediatrician from canada and have been reading your blog for a few months now. I have a huge skincare obsession and probably stumbled upon your blog after doing a skincare review search. I was surprised to find out you were a fellow physician around the same age as me. I'm very much interested in age-prevention products, and natural/organic lines. I'm curious as to your opinion on the oxybenzone controversy.

    On your advice, I bought almost the entire line of bioelements (although I find the spray stings my eyes), and kiehls. Love the bioelements cleanser and pumice scrub the most. I really like the ultra facial cream as well from Kiehls, and now I've discovered how awesome their shampoo is as well. Thanks!

    Anyway, congrats and good luck as you begin this motherhood journey.

  27. Hello Christine!

    My name is Christine and I have been reading your blog for awhile. I really don't remember when I started. I think I found it while searching for a product I was interested in a long time ago.

    I am 33 and live in Boston with my husband and two cats. I am obsessed with make up and skin care and love reading about it. I like that you include a bit of everything in your blog. Even though I love make up, I hate spending an hour getting ready. So the idea of a 15 min routine really interested me.

    Good luck with your baby! I look forward to hearing a little bit about being a mother. :)

  28. De-lurking here! You've been in my reader for quite some time!!!

  29. I'm a couple days late to the party, but hello! I'm a 26-year-old married aspiring event planner in San Diego. I found your blog almost 3 years ago when I was googling about eyeliner or something. Then I forgot about it for a while. I rediscovered you last month. I really appreciate your approach to the ingredients of beauty products and to learn what is actually happening. So thanks!

  30. Sorry I'm a little late responding to your delurking request! I'm a 29-year-old attorney in Connecticut and a total skincare junkie. I love all your skincare reviews, they're very detailed and helpful. I started reading your blog over a year ago when looking for shortcuts to make my morning routine shorter. Good luck with your delivery!


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