Pure Body Organics Body Butter: A Non-Greasy, Organic Super Moisturizer

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You know those stores in the mall that promise all sorts of great skin care products? I'm sure you know the ones that I mean, they are nationwide chains. Every mall seems to have them, and I am admitting that I'm a bit leery of them. I walk in and get overwhelmed by the scents and sales associates.... I'm not so much a fan of either.

But, when I do venture into these stores, I fully admit that I get sucked in by one product category each and every single time. What is it? The super moisturizers, specifically the body butters. I'm almost always disappointed. These products tend to be very oily and highly scented, which my skin does not react well too. I have the best intentions of sealing in moisture and having soft amazing skin, and instead I end up with flaring eczema and greasy skin for hours after application.

This body butter is different that those! Pure Body's Body Butter isn't a body butter along the lines of the previously mentioned body butter. I want to state that this is very different. It is more of a super thick moisturizing lotion, super thick and creamy. Upon application it immediately feels hydrating and I swear you can feel it sinking into your skin immediately. It does take a few minutes to fully sink in, but the residue that is sinking in isn't oily, it's just lotion.

This product is 82% organic, has not been tested on animals and contains no parabens, silicones or artificial colors. I tried out the lavender version (which smelled amazing), but I think when I buy more I'll be heading for either the pink grapefruit or unscented versions..

Pure Body Organics


  1. This product sounds nice. I, too, am drawn in by the body butters as my skin is so dry! Great review!

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  3. I'm always on the lookout for more body butters, as I also have super dry skin. They're currently half off, so I think I might get two! The only "name brand store" body butter that I love is C.O. Bigelow lemon body cream, but it's so expensive.

  4. i used to have a dry skin dry due to the cold weather here. i tried some moisturizer but it doesn't done any good on my skin, maybe this moisturizer is a good try.


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