Now or Later? You Decide!

Today my email box is virtually filled with looks from the Golden Globes. I have makeup looks and hair looks, some of them even include You Tube videos, and the best (and worst) dressed stars are included.

I already have 2-3 posts going up a day for the next... 5 or 6 weeks (I've written a TON in advance so you guys will be entertained while I am adjusting to new mommy-hood). In the past I've posted my favorites, a few times I didn't post anything... or my other idea is to wait on posting anything. In April, I'd start posting my favorite looks from the award shows and some of the Spring 2011 shows. Why then? Prom and wedding season.

I'm definitely leaning towards waiting on posting these looks (if you're really curious they are all over the other beauty blogs, do a quick google search), and doing a series of my favorite looks in the spring.

What do you think?

Well, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to hold off and do these in the spring, and apparently more readers agreed with with! It wasn't overwhelming, but going over the looks later did win. So, I've already been working on the looks, but I'll probably start them in early April. To me that seems like pretty good timing for those planning their prom looks, though I was talking to my friend Pammy from Pammy Blogs Beauty and she thought that brides would likely want any posts to go up a bit sooner, so that makes me thing mid-March. If you have a timing preference please let me know in the comments!


  1. This is off-topic, but does this mean that you've had your little girl? Yay! Hope all is well! :)

  2. I voted later for the sole reason that it's only 1 day after the Golden Globes and I'm already overwhelmed with all the post-coverage.


  3. I feel that you should post them when its most enjoyable for you. This is a stressful and exciting time for your personal life. So whether that is now or later in the spring, its totally your call.

    Either works for us. :)


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