New Mommy Beauty: Hair Tips from White Sands’ Fernando Salas

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Fernando Salas is the CEO & Creator of White Sands Hair care, a brand that I’ve had great luck with in the past. Fernando started as a hair dresser, and with his family built up the White Sands brand, creating amazing products that really do give the amazing results they promise. My favorite White Sands product is probably The Fix, which I use 3-4 times a week, creating shine and making my hair look healthier.

Fernando had some great tips about hair color during pregnancy and avoiding horrible roots!

For a mom who wants color or highlights, but has limited time to visit a salon: Opt for subtle highlights meaning few in number which will make your color last longer because this will not show re-growth. Have your stylist choose the tone of the highlights from the flex of your eyes. But, make sure your colorist does not bleach then tone, because the tone in the bleach will fade and you will be left with white hair. (Thus showing re-growth) Compliment your subtle highlights with White Sands Color Secure Shampoos and Conditioners to make your color last even longer at home.

We see a great number of women going through pregnancy and of course as new or experienced moms. There are some noticeable differences in the hair of these women at different phases of pregnancy and certainly post-partum.

Pregnant women typically experience increased hair growth (length and thickness) due to their bodily changes occurring during pregnancy and as a result of pre-natal vitamins. For women with normally thin or wimpy hair, this can be a real bonus (hair and nails like they have never had before!). We also often see hair texture change from curly to straight or vice versa. This can also be a bonus for some while a not so welcome change for others depending on what they are used to.

During pregnancy the condition of the hair tends to be pretty nice so we focus on keeping it trimmed and we don’t hesitate to do color services. This is a question we receive quite often “can I color my hair during pregnancy”? The answer is of course you can. Today’s color products are so advanced and nothing we use on the hair for color will be absorbed into the skin so there is nothing to fear. Hair color can be a wonderful way to make a pregnant woman feel beautiful at a time when her body is changing so dramatically.

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