Hard Candy “First Flush” Gift Set: Review

Today we have a great guest post from Pammy of Pammy Blogs Beauty. Pammy has been a reader of my blog for a long time, and pretty recently she started her own site. She lives in the south with her adorable hubby and works as a Speech-Language Pathologist when not blogging about beauty!

Hello there 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic readers! It is such a pleasure to guest blog for Christine while she is taking some time off to be with her new baby-girl! I know that we all wish her the best during this amazing time in her life!

I am here today with a product review for ya’ll! This review will be for the Hard Candy “First Flush” gift set that is available at Wal-Mart.

Now, I am sure this will “age myself”, but do any of you readers remember when Hard Candy was a high-end brand sold at Sephora??? I sure do, and I used to have a bronzer from Hard Candy/Sephora that I totally adored! Well, times have changed and now Hard Candy (insert link) is a Wal-Mart brand. I don’t normally venture to Wal-Mart (nothing against Wal-Mart Shoppers nor Wal-Mart, but the closest store to me is just not in a good area with a slightly-scary and dimly lit underground parking garage).

Normally a powder foundation user, I have recently begun to venture into the world of liquid foundations! So, I have been doing a lot online research on foundation primers. And guess what? Apparently Hard Candy Sheer Envy face primer gets stellar reviews! I became so intrigued! Was this Wal-Mart line of Hard Candy the same quality of the Hard Candy from Sephora? So, ya’ll know I had to venture out to Wal-Mart specifically so that I could test this product line! I went in search of Sheer Envy Primer and the Blush Crush Baked Blush.

I was thrilled to find this *adorable* gift set! What a fantastic way to sample a new brand! For the same price as the full sized Sheer Envy Primer (right around $8, total bargain, BTW!), I was able to get this entire deluxe size sample/travel sized set! I was thrilled to find not only the primer, but also the blush I was looking for in the same set. Score!!! This “First Flush” kit contains the following: Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll, Sheer Envy Primer, Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip gloss in Uptown Girl, and Glow All the Way Face & Body Luminizer. What an amazing value for $8 and a great assortment!

Swatched heavily on unprimed skin: Glow All The Way, Plumping Serum Lip gloss, Blush Crush Living Doll (click to enlarge)

My coloring and skin type: I have very fair (PPP or MAC NW 15 skin) sensitive dry skin that is clear (no blemishes). No wrinkles yet (crossing all fingers and toes!); but, when my skin gets very dry, very fine lines appear from the dryness. I am looking for a primer that will make my pores less visible and keep my skin more hydrated. Primers act as a barrier on your skin. So, my hope here is to “seal in” some moisture. I know that many of you seek out primers because you have oily skin and want your foundation to last longer, but that is not the case with my skin type.

So, on to the review!

Sheer Envy Primer:
This mini-size tube is (.40 oz) is absolutely ideal for product testing and for travel! This will for sure be my “travel primer” in the future! It is a basic squeeze tube. The full size of the product is packaged exactly the same, but with just a larger tube. The serum itself is quite different from other serums that I have tried. It is not a “clear” serum, like Smashbox Photo Finish, it is a more milky-white serum that applies clear. I absolutely love the feel of this primer! It is not greasy at all. Also, there is absolutely no scent! My skin feels like silk when I have this on. While I do not wear primers for their mattifying abilities, I would imagine this primer would mattify well for those with oily or combo skin. My liquid makeup glides on beautifully over this primer and wears all day with absolutely no problem. The Sheer Envy Primer diffused the look of my pores and really made my skin look flawless. I absolutely love it! Plus, the $8 price tag for huge full-sized bottle just can’t be beat. There is absolutely no question that I would purchase as full sized bottle of this primer when my small sample size runs out.

Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll:
Wow, this blush is so pretty!!! This dome shaped baked blush is a super-bright Barbie pink in the pan, but don’t let the bright shade scare you! It applies as a lovely “Doll-like” pink with cool undertones (perfect!) and very pretty iridescent micorshimmer. I love this on the apples of my cheeks applied with a very light hand. This blush is very pigmented. It does not take much product to “overdo” blush on my uber-pale skin, so I typically apply blush with a pretty light hand. This blush applies much less vividly and less-sparkly than it appears in the pan. The size in my First Flush kit is much smaller than the regular sized Living Doll Blush, but this still gives me *plenty* of product to work with. This travel friendly size will last me a long time! A little product goes a long way. I think this is a must have for fair skin!

Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Uptown Girl
I just love the cutesy name of this gloss! This long lasting thick gloss is sheer, light, cool-toned pink with a high-gloss finish. The vanilla scent is divine (and, IMHO, all glosses should smell of vanilla…and smell this *good*!) Overall, I really love this gloss. It is moisturizing and the color pairs really well with the Living Doll blush that comes in this same kit. The small size of this gloss makes it ideal for your purse or pocket! Yay!

Glow All the Way Face & Body Luminizer
This is an absolutely beautiful pearly light-pink multi-purpose highlighter. This is the perfect shade for my super pale skin! I love these types of products!!! Here is how I like to use this product: For the face, I add a “touch” of this to either my moisturizer/SPF or my foundation. It gives that luminous “lit from within” glow. For body, I add a dime size or so to each pump of body lotion and apply all over. I love gettin-my-glow-on before going out in the evening! So pretty! This small sized tube is *great* for travel as it is nice to have a luminizer when on vacation (and anything to help me pack lighter is a valued product!). This could also be applied without diluting in lotion, but I prefer to dilute it. I think this product has a nice smooth finish. I believe it comes in a bronze shade too.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this review! I really love these Hard Candy Products!!! So, is this “newer” Wal-Mart brand of Hard Candy as good as the original Sephora line??? I am thinking yes! I don’t have any side-by-side product comparisons, but I sure am happy with my Hard Candy Purchase! I will certainly repurchase these products in their full-size form!

Thanks for reading!!!

Pammy Blogs Beauty
Pammy bought this set herself
I declare nothing other than a great blogging friend who wrote a review for me!


JamieJ said...

I really enjoyed reading this! I have been on the fence to make a primer purchase. I have used primers in the past and have loved them ,but not able to repeatedly purchase them as they can be quite expensive.(the ones I like anyway) After reading this blog, I will definitely check it out!! Thank you.

Christine said...

I want to try it out too after reading Pammy's review! Only $8!! It's on my list for my next Walmart run.

Hollie said...

definitely adding this on my wishlist!

Tracy D said...

Great review Pammy, I love Hard Candy both the makeup and the real thing :P I think that living doll blush looks beautiful..I have added the primer to my next Hard Candy shopping list.

Shayamli Mehrotra said...

So pretty. :] Want.

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