Face Stockholm Spring 2011: Pre-Raphaelites Inspire Pretty Makeup!

I love it when a beauty company decides that they are going to ignore trends and make their new collection pretty. Just pretty. Which really is what most women want. Stop putting out palettes upon palettes with dark purple and hot pink eye shadows that are hard to use. Personally, I don't want to look super trendy, I want to be pretty.

Face Stockholm looked to the Pre-Raphaelite period of art for inspiration and put a slightly bohemian twist on it (hence the collection is called Bohemian Rhapsody). It just turned out in their best interest that there were quite a few daytime smoky eyes on the Spring 2011 runways.

Their model's look says it all. Fresh glowing skin, light pink and shiny lips, the emphasis is on the smoky neutral eye that works day or night.

Read on to see what products are included in this collection as well as their swatches...

You'll notice that while the look is soft, glowing and natural, the products used to create are much brighter and more highly pigmented than one would have thought. Interestingly, using the pinks as stains rather than their full strength is what gave the look and it results in a few extra hours of wear as well.

Included in this collection (though I didn't put them all in the pictures):
Roz Lip Pencil: #3 in the swatches, the lip pencil is very pigmented and applied well. I felt it was great for lining and filling in before the lipstick for a darker, more "lipstick" look.

Romance Lipstick: #2 in the swatches, this lipstick is a pretty (though bright) pink. I used it as a stain, applying it more heavily toward the center of my lips and then blotting well before gloss to recreate the look above.

Lip Gloss #1: A nice clear gloss, this reminded me quite a bit of MAC's original lipglasses, back in the day when I would buy clear only. It is super shiny, feels hydrating and has very little flavor. Best of all, there is very little stickiness to the formula, which I found surprising. I did find that if I had not blotted the lipstick enough the lipgloss brush would lift some of the color and it would be on the gloss brush, so be careful!

Rio Créme Blush: I've been a sucker for creme blushes lately. You'll notice that I'm probably mentioning at least one a week. This creme blush has very subtle shimmer, and I found that applying it under my light coverage foundation was the key for achieving the glowing look above. The blush seems to melt onto my fingertips, making it easier to blend. It does blend very easily and the blush lasts all day. The blush is #1 in the swatch photo.

Black Eyeliner: The eye liner FACE Stockholm sent me as part of this collection was the Svart liquid eyeliner. I found it very easy to apply a thin line right at the lash line, though the liner dried very quickly and couldn't be smudged at all to create a smokier look. I did apply a regular black pencil liner over it that I then smudged with a brush to make a smokier look, as well as apply to the lower lash line.

Sophisticated Matte Shadow: Sophisticated is a matte, basic taupe shadow that seems to be a must have for nearly everyone. (Above in the group photo it is the large eye shadow in the center, as well it is #5 in the swatch photo).

#26 Pearl Shadow: #26 is a dusty brown that seems to be very easily blended and highly versatile (it is swatch #6 and is in the black flip shadow round above). I find that with a light touch this shadow is a great everyday brown, but it can be easily layered for more coverage which makes it perfect for the smoky eye look featured here. I applied it with a light hand all over my lid and then increased the coverage closer to the last line, being sure to smudge it well into my liner.

Sensitive Eye Dust: I think this might be my favorite product used in the look! This is a pearly golden champagne-light pink that I've been using all over as a highlighter or just over a light shadow to add depth and shimmer. Above it is in the round shaker package, as well it is swatch #4.

#28 Nail Polish: #28 isn't listed yet on FACE Stockholm's website, and I'm saving it for it's own post, but this really is a very pretty polish. It has an ivory background, but is very iridescent and has so many colors in it that it is hard to describe. I'll feature it in a few days, so watch for it!

FACE Stockholm


  1. This range look lovely. Great post.


  2. The colors are so beautiful!

    And such an interesting post :)

    <3 Blondes on a budget

  3. Looks so natural... like there's nothing on the face

  4. Using classical art to define modern beauty is an intriguing idea. This particular pallet showcases the natural beauty of healthy skin-I love it!

  5. I love the natural feel of this style, and especially how it's a look for all times of day or night!


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