Dolce and Gabanna Spring 2011

For Spring 2011 Dolce & Gabanna are offering a collection that "celebrates spring's new beginning with a fresh interpretation of a pure radiant beauty that effortlessly captures the present... a world of fantasy, desire and luxury with poetic pastels and mercurial tone on tone translucence."

Yes, it is inspired by the runway. But, the collection is very well edited by their makeup artist, Pat McGrath (love her!).

“I love the Secret Garden palette; it’s such a daring take on nudes and neutrals - and the pastels, while muted, are full of radiant colour. The look is very now - luminous barely-there beauty - but it encompasses what Domenico and Stefano have always done so well - treating a classic facet of femininity in a radical way that doesn’t read radical, but reads unique, gorgeous and so sexy,” says Pat McGrath.

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The Illuminator is a totally new product this spring, and it's really meant to be a universal highlighter. Says Pat McGrath, "With the Illuminator I could highlight just about anything on the face. With just a touch, I made the eyelids really pop - and with another touch, I could enhance the cheekbones, even the lips - the Illuminator is incredible; it adds such brilliant intensity and light."

I'm not sure which of the 2 lipsticks I prefer. They both look pretty to me.

Eyeshadow Quad in Eden

Shadow Duo in Romance, perfect for a smokey eye.

Dolce & Gabbana Makeup


Miss LV said...

Romance looks gorgeous x

...Beau Fashion... said...

The lipsticks look so nice

cosmeticdiva said...

Anything created by D&G is nothing less than fabulous! This I'm sure will grace the dressers of woman of all ages. We have something great to look forward to this Spring!

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