Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things to Check Out...

Nancy over at Beauty 411 has the images of MAC's new Cham Pale, which came out on Sunday. This collection is amazing for us pale girls! I recommend the highlight powders, and the lipgeléés, which seem to layer over everything. I'll be posting about the items in a few days, but check out the pics in the meantime.

Beauty Ticket is offering 50% off their entire site until January 1, 2011 with the code NEWYEAR50 go crazy! I bought some polishes, a lip gloss and a new concealer.

Sarah at Beauty Banter has some tips for Holiday Makeup from Sue Devitt, and they are perfect for planning your New Year's Eve look! Run over to check them out.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings found an amazing eye shadow palette of greys from Revlon that I am now coveting. Run over and check it out!

Tina at Beauty Snob is loving Diorskin Crystal Nude as an alternative to regular powder for keeping her skin matte. Has anyone else tried it out? I'm really curious about it!

My friend Nadine Jolie has done something I'm not sure I can do- she's colored her hair at home and created a guide for coloring your hair at home (the lazy girl's version. A great resource!

Phyrra is wondering if eye creams are really necessary. Personally, they seem to be for me. My skin is combination, and my eye area seems to require a heavier duty moisturizer than my t-zone. I also like to use eye creams that contain special ingredients I may not need elsewhere (specifically caffeine, since I like the little bit of tightening it gives me). But... if I'm using a thick night cream I definitely don't feel guilty about skipping out of the eye cream. What do you think?

I'm a member of Beauty Ticket's Beauty Panel. Which gets me... a picture on their website. It's not a very good one though. I think i need to stockpile some good pics, likely when I am not full term and bloated.


Pammy said...

Thanks for the links Christine! And-that such a pretty photo of you on BeautyTicket!!! :)

Dlori said...

Hi all, Happy Holidays, I visited the sale at beautyticket and was extremely disappointed. Although everything is 50% off, there was nothing special in my opinion to purchase. I guess they are trying to get rid of the the last of their inventory to start fresh for 2011. However, that;s just my opinion. I never seem to have much luck with beautyticket. There is ALWAYS a problem with my order such as I order a product that says it comes in its manufacturer's box but when it arrives, no box or I place my order and I anxiously await my package only when I receive it, a few items will be missing with a note that says they oversold the item so they ommitted it from my order and refunded my money. For all you other beauty junkies out there, I'm sure you can understand how upset and disappointed I would be. I also think their shipping prices are way too high and most of the products I've received from them have been damaged in some way, not the contents but the outer box being bashed in or very worn looking. And I don't like to argue with customer service over something they clearly admit is their fault but don't want me to return the product and refund my money. Every order I've placed with them has been way too stressful for me and quite frankly, I've seen better products at better prices elsewhere.This is the first time I am really expressing a negative opinion about a store because I don't like to influence other people's opinion in a negative way. However, I have no problem and tremendously enjoy recommending sites where I've had wonderful experiences. One of those places is BeautyStory.com. They are a branch of Editor's closet but they have daily sales of only Beauty items. Their prices are unbeatable, the quality is A++++++++, if you have a problem, they will send you a return label and refund your money with no questions asked, they sell high end products both well known to the public as well as introducing boutique brands which are of incredible quality and which you might never have heard about if not for their sales at BeautyStory.com. I shopped there today for their end of year blow out sale and I got deals like you wouldn't believe. They are also working with Totalbeauty.com, which is highly reputable so that in and of itself gives BeautyStory.com credibility. I do not have any affiliation with any of these places so I am speaking from the heart. If anyone knows of other beauty sites to shop with great prices as well as great customer service, please don't be shy and share with us all. One last thing, I am a huge fan of Julie Hewett cosmetics, Hollywood's premier make up artist Julie Hewitt's make up line, who has created the look (through her artistic make up abilities)for many blockbuster movies including "Pearl Harbor", has worked on the make up for probably every A-List Hollywood celebrity. She has a new line of make up that will be on her website shortly, although if you go to her site now, many new items are already listed, but the site is not as yet completed. Her site is www.juliehewett.net (DON'T make the mistake of entering .com instead of .net or you'll be taken to another webpage).Not only is her make up the best you have ever seen, it looks beautiful, is easy to apply, is inexpensive compared to other high end make ups and she gives directions as to how to use her products. I strongly suggest that people check out her site now. I believe she may still be running her holiday sales which are beyond spectacular. As I already stated, if anyone knows of other great places to shop for beauty items, please share with the rest of us. Happy Holidays to all.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Christine said...

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with Beauty Ticket, but I'm NOT the company. I was asked to join their Beauty Panel, which means I've offered 1 winter tip (to keep wearing sunscreen) and they put a picture of me up with a link to my site. A couple other bloggers are up there. i don't have a signed contract with them, don't get paid and certainly am NOT involved in their customer service.

Some of their products are discontinued in the US, some are current items, some are current items but d/c'd colors (which can be hard to find and therefore they are a great resource for those items like Cherry Culture and other similar sites) and I've even seem items on Beauty Ticket that were simply never available in the US.

I can tell you that I've made 2 purchases from them in the past. My most recent purchase was with this sale. I bought 2 YSL nail polishes (current formula, discontinued colors), a YSL lip gloss (I believe it's a discontinued formula as I don't see it on the YSL site, but I really liked the color) and a DuWop concealer that was on my Sephora shopping list. They even had the correct color. I received every item I ordered in the original packaging and in perfect condition.

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