Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Taylor Swift for Cover Girl

Cover Girl, Taylor Swift
Have you heard about Taylor Swift signing with Cover Girl? I first heard about it this spring when it was announced that she had signed on with the company. I heard some comments that weren't too happy about this decision (they seemed to mostly be centered around her singing, particularly her "twang". I find this amusing as she is actually a country singer, seems to go with the territory.) I thought she was a perfect choice and she goes along with other Cover Girl choices perfectly. Attractive woman with a successful career, pretty, clean cut... She's got all of those going for her.

I received an email today showing off her first ads (for an upcoming collection called NatureLuxe that I'm pretty excited about).

I think Taylor looks amazing in the ad. Her look is fresh and pretty and very age appropriate. The skin... The subtle emphasis on her eyes... and I want to know what is on her lips. What do you think about how she looks?

Cover Girl


Pammy said...

I think she looks great here. Fresh and natural and very fitting with the CoverGirl image. I am intrigued by the new products! :)

Jeannine said...

I don't care for her music (not my taste) but she really is a lovely young woman.

CG has a good diverse group of spokeswomen - Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Rhianna..

Christine said...

Pammy- I'm interested in the new products too, esp if it makes one look so fresh... :D

Jeannine- I'm not a big fan of her music either (I think I'm just too old, though I fully admit to singing along when I hear her on the radio), but I do really like her. The diverse group of women that CG has is amazing, one of my favorite things about the company!

Spider Girl (Ana M.) said...

I think she looks quite pretty, and fits right into the ad. Would love to see her modeling for cosmetic brands like this!

Miss Krimson said...

saw it in store today. lovely ad... she is beautiful.. tried the new lip product. feels nice... smells.... well interesting
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Casey said...

Yea, I don't really know about all the cover girls being "Clean Cut." Drew Barrymore was a crazy one! Also, she looks like a different person in almost every picture she takes!


Natalie said...

i'm super interested in this collection. hope to see more details soon!

perfectskincareforyou said...

she looks amazing...I like her on the cover better than any other time...

Cynthia Bailey MD said...

She's lovely. I agree with perfectskincareforyou- she looks better than any other time I've seen her. I love the emphasis on the natural beauty of her healthy skin. They chose clothing and makeup to emphasize that.

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