Sante America: Germany's Greenest Cosmetics Arrive in the US

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I get a lot of requests from readers for natural products, and I admit that while I do try them, it isn't often that I find them worth writing about on this blog. Sante seems to be different. Rather than being a great natural cosmetic line, this seems to go one further and be a great line that just happens to be natural. I love it when things work out like that.

The line (currently only available on the Sante America website) has skin care, hair care and cosmetics. I've tried out a large part of the cosmetics line, read on to hear what I thought.

The foundation was one of the standout products for me. It comes in a pump, and 1 pump was just enough to cover my problem areas and smooth things out. I was able to apply it with my fingers, very little blending was needed (on occasion I did use a sponge near my nose, that's about it). It seemed to just melt into my skin easily, looking natural and lasting all day. The only bad aspect of this foundation is that it is currently only available in 3 shades, all of which are fair. I'm hoping that as they expand into the US they'll add more shades.

This was one product that I would pass on if you're thinking of placing an order. I loved the idea of a well pigmented concealer in such an easy to use form (a pencil! How quick and easy!). Unfortunately, I found it very difficult to get the concealer to actually apply to my face. It seemed to work better in less "soft" areas of my face, meaning better on my chin and forehead than my undereye circles. I simply wrote over the trouble spots, and a small amount of concealer was left behind. I blended with a fingertip. I guess the light coverage did mean I could layer it for more, though this did seem to take a bit more time than it was worth. Pass on this one.

Eye Shadows
Sante's eye shadows come in both stick and powder form, and I loved both. I tried out the eye shadow trio in #2, and really I could not stop using it constantly. I had other products to try out, and I'd be in the bathroom each morning reaching for the Sante again. I eventually had to move it to my picture staging area for the blog just so I'd give other products a chance!

The powder shadow is really amazing. It is well pigmented, has a subtle shimmer that I loved (perfect for day, it wasn't too much but kept things interesting), the colors were rich and blended together very well. The shadow lasted all day without shifting, settling or any other issues. Truly, this shadow was amazing.

The stick shadows were a bit harder to get used to. Similar to the concealers, they didn't seem to let off quite as much product as I would have liked with use. But, I soon realized that the lighter, more subtle version of the eye shadows worked too. In particular, I loved the Rose underneath other shadows. It offered a little bit of dimension when used as a base that the same shadows didn't have otherwise. When used alone, the sticks lasted about 8 hours or so with minimal pigment loss and no creasing. When other shadows were used over them they acted a little like a primer, making others last a few hours longer.

A basic eyeliner, not much special. It seemed to apply easily, it could be smudged for a more subtle look if you smudged immediately, otherwise this stuff really, really stayed put. It washed off without an issue at the end of the day.

Lip Gloss Pots
I'm usually not a fan of a lip gloss pot (I don't like getting it on my fingers), but I did like this product. It felt hydrating and offered a nice shine without being sticky. But I still think it would be perfect if it was in any form other than a little pot.

Sante America

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JESSU said...

Wow, looks promising! I'm going to have to check them out!

Thanks for sharing!

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