Philosophy The Gingerbread House

Philosophy The Gingerbread House
Philosophy's 3 in 1 gels are fun treats to wake up to in the shower every morning. While they can be used as shampoo, body wash or bubble bath, I prefer to use them as body wash. The foam is great when used with my shower poof, I get clean easily and the body wash rinses off easily. The main reason to use these gels is the smell- Philosophy does a great job of making sure that each one really does smell like what it should. My favorites are usually the fruit scents or the Red Hot Cinnamon that was out a year or so ago, but the Gingerbread variations in this box are amazing! I'll be stocking my guest bathrooms with these for the holidays.

$20 only at Sephora
Philosophy The Gingerbread House

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Pammy said...

Those look adorable! I have never tried Philosophy's 3 in 1 gels, but I *love* the smell of Gingerbread! Actually, I'm making Gingerbread cookies tomorrow and this is making me hungry, lol! :)

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