MAC Holiday Pigment and Glitter Sets

MAC Holiday Pigment and Glitter Sets
As usual, MAC is offering great pigment sets, perfect for those that want to try them out or expand their collection! These are worth snapping up if there is a color group that works well for you.

How do you use these? Pretty much any where you could use or want a little color. Use them as an eye shadow, with a wet eye liner brush as a liner, as blush, I use a light shimmery one as a highlight on my cheek and brow bones, I've even put some in clear nail polish to create a great new color!

Warm Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter
• Most Darling
• Gift o' Glamour
• Gold Mode
• Gilded Green
• Reflects Bronze Glitter

Smokey Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter
• Jigs & Jive
• Naked
• Blue Brown
• Dark Soul
• Reflects Blackened Red Glitter

Cool Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter
• Cheers My Dear!
• Silver Fog
• Softwash Grey
• Mauvement
• Reflects Pearl Glitter

MAC Holiday Pigment and Glitter Sets

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