MAC Holiday Lipglass Sets

MAC Holiday Lipglass Sets
Lip glasses are one of my favorite types of lip gloss. The shine is amazing, the colors are flattering, and they have minimal flavor (which keeps me from licking them off!). Perhaps best of all, they do all of this with very little stickiness.

The lip glasses included in these sets are smaller than a regular lip glass, but they will still last for quite a while. I've found that their smaller size makes them fit more easily in my pocket- perfect for carrying one (or two) with me everywhere!

Sassy Pink Lassies Lipglasses
• Sassy Lassy
• Fab Fun
• The Wee Coquette
• Frozen Dream
• Electro Lush Lipglass

Sassy Coral Lassies Lipglasses
• Tad Saucy
• Pretty Quick
• Mimmy
• Jest for Fun
• Hearts-a-Beatin'

Sassy Neutral Lassies Lipglasses
• Scottish Lilt
• Spirits a' Flying
• Girls at Play
• Stealing Kisses
• Bright & Perky

MAC Holiday Lipglass Sets

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Pammy said...

What a pretty collection of pinks! Love the flavor/scent of these as well! :)

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