LuLu Beauty: Fragrance Oils that Don't Seem like Oils

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I have a new fragrance love. The fact that it is from a small company makes me feel even better! Once again, this company is out of Seattle, the LuLu cosmetics and fragrances have grown out of the shop Show Pony, a women's clothing store. Each fragrance is hand blended and there are between 15-20 different scents in each perfume! I feel like most perfume oils I experience are 1 or 2 note wonders, making them often fall flat. That is certainly not the case here!

The fragrances are currently available as either a roll on perfume oil or a solid perfume. I tried the perfume oil, which came in a small glass vial with a roller ball applicator. It was perfect for applying the perfume oil, and the entire thing would be great for travel since it was so small.

LuLu currently offers 5 different scents:
• Starlet: White gardenias with a base note of clean, sensual musk
• Lulamae: Italian bergamot, middle notes of freesia, African lily and gardenia. The base note are a clean musk with a touch of soft vanilla
• Marlena: Top note of Italian Bergamot, middle notes of jasmine and Moroccan red rose, and base notes of musk, French vanilla, and patchouli
• Gigi: Top notes of pear, papaya and bergamot, middle notes of ylang ylang, gardenia and green tea. The base notes are green musk, Parvati sandalwood, and essential vanilla.
• Dame: Gardenias, night blooming jasmine and a full, lush blend of rich and sweet vanillas

The scents are subtle, requiring someone to be pretty near you to smell them. They are definitely more nuanced and sophisticated than the typical perfume oil. The scents all last most of the day with out much change in the scent on me.

My favorite of the scents was definitely Starlet. The white gardenias weren't too heavy and the clean musk grounded them very well. It was a pretty floral, quiet and subdued and not at all overwhelming. I can definitely see myself wearing it frequently in the future.

LuLu Beauty is available on-line either through Olivine or through the LuLu Etsy Page.

LuLu Beauty

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All Made Up said...

these sound fantastic and I'd have to agree! I always find something appealing about buying goodies from smaller companies :)

the Lulamae sounds right up my street. I'm totally skint at the min but I've added this to my favourites so I can treat myself when I have a few pennies to spare ♥

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