Julep Nail Polish: Wear Test Results!

A few days ago I posted about Julep Nail Polishes, and started a contest (there are still a few hours to enter- go check it out!) I promised a fifth color swatch and the results of a wear test.

As usual, it’s very difficult to get the exact shade of red, though the pictures here are a pretty accurate representation of how it looks in slightly different lights. Marilyn is a deep red, jelly finish (this is 3 coats to opacity) with amazing glitter. It just shines like crazy- I honestly lost count of how many compliments this color received when I was wearing it.

One note: This shade (as well as Cyndi, which I featured the other day) do come out a little bit bumpy which cuts down on the shine and shimmer of the glitter. You’ll need a thick top coat like Seche Vite to take advantage of the color.

Read on to see how it wore.

As you can see from this picture, the polish did really well. This is my right hand (yes, I’m right handed) after 5 days of working and purposefully using my nails as tools. I was trying hard to get this polish to chip, and finally on the 5th morning I managed 2 small chips. I was peeling stickers off of something for the baby’s new room, and I swear the stickers were super glued on.

I did use Julep’s base coat for this mani, and I tried to use their top coat as well. With 2 coats the overall effect was still a bit bumpy so I did use a coat of Seche Vite over that. The SV really evened things out and brought out the shine like crazy. Overall I was really impressed with the polish! 5 days of wear is something that I can get with only a few brands. Add on how pretty the colors are and the huge number of compliments… Definitely a brand I’ll be recommending in the future.

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