Frais Towelettes: A Portable Spa in a Packet

Frais towelettes review
I love the towelettes that are available now, whether they come from the drug store or department store. Unfortunately, not all towelettes are created equal. Some are much too small, some barely clean anything off of my face, leave a strange residue behind or smell gross. These towelettes have none of those issues.

The Frais towelettes are a bit bigger than usual (8×7.5 inches), have a light fresh scent, and clean everything easily and quickly. When I say everything, I mean these towelettes will even take off waterproof mascara! They’re perfect for travel (I think leaving one in my 3-1-1 bag is a great idea), my diaper bag, in my purse, or just to use at home.

Frais Towelettes


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