Baroness Monica von Neumann’s Candles: A Noble Woman in LA With a Great Line of Candles

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Baroness Monica von Neumann Candles
She may not have been born a noble (Monica von Neumann was actually born in Detroit and then grew up mostly in Los Angeles), but she's one now. She's well known in the LA area for her amazing parties and a reality web series on Extra TV called “The Baroness of Bel Air". And yes, she really is a Baroness!

The candles are reasonably priced for such luxury. They feature all-natural soy based wax and a cotton wick that will burn cleanly without soot and a 70+ hour burning time. The candles also feature the von Neumann family crest.

The candles are available in four scents:
• Atlas: sandalwood, Ceylon cinnamon and mahogany
• Fete: clove bud, mandarin and Norwegian pine
• Modena: orange blossom and lemon leaf
• Savon: jasmine, damask rose and red amber

Available at Baroness von Neumann’s website and at Candle Delirium, the online candle emporium based in West Hollywood, CA


Anonymous said...

The more I read this blog the more I realize how full of yourself you are. Please stop. Please.

Christine said...

I'm not sure how talking about candles that some celeb put out makes ME full of myself. I didn't talk about going to her parties when I lived in California (which I haven't) or how she and Julia Roberts are my best friends and I'm better than you or something (I don't know anyone famous).

I think I'll continue on complaining about how my hair is frizzy, I can't find concealer pigmented enough to cover up my undereye circles and my itchy dry skin. I'll also keep reading scientific articles and translating them into "normal" english.

KrisTina said...

I have been following and journaling on your blog since September 1 as part of a school assignment (studying my Bachelor's in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing), and I have found it VERY useful. For the busy woman/wife/mother without much time that appreciates personal presentation and products that WORK, your blog is extremely helpful. And thank you for November 29's list of Cyber Monday's discounts. I was referring back to your blog all day while doing Christmas shopping. I myself am a product junkie and I have taken a lot of your advice so far in my product choice. Thanks again...

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